Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Ever...?

...go the movies alone?
.......... Or do you always travel with date or in a pack?


Willo said...

I love movies, and even got a MLIS for film and TV archiving. I love the communal viewing experience of "going to the movies" and am not above taking myself to the movies by myself. Sure, seeing a fun comedy/action/adventure is great to do with your buddies, but if just want to see a great flick, or catch something worthwhile on the Big Screen, there's nothing shameful about doing so on your own. I'm often surprised at friends who say they won't see a movie by themselves.

On a related thought, I imagine they would never eat out alone either.

OtherRobert said...

It's a whole lot less effort to just go to a film by myself than to try and convince anyone else to see that new horror/documentary/foreign film/cloud-gazing indie. If it's something with a wide audience, I'll go with other people. Otherwise, I'll gladly sit by myself, sip on my water, and take appropriate notes for future write-ups and analyses.

Anonymous said...

alone, with a date or in packs, it depends on where my life is going to...


Walter L. Hollmann said...

I've seen a number of films alone when I had to: no one wanted to see Chicago with me, I had nothing to do so caught a double-feature of Stranger Than Fiction and Flags of Our Father, and I was uncomfortable with seeing Venus with other people.

Dino said...

Mostly alone, I have an extreme irritation to people talking during a movie, especially during dialogue. I find going to the movies with a non-cinephile opens the door for them to ask me a bunch of obvious questions about what's unraveling before both our eyes. Pulls me right out.

I only like going to a movie with someone who is a fellow cine-freak who understands and likes being quiet to fully submerge themselves into the subtleties of the world on-screen. "We can discuss all you want, afterwards. Thank you."

Anonymous said...

I find movies are always better to watch alone.

Deus Ex Machina said...

I usually pick friends over dates to go to the movies. I've broken up with my last 3 bf's after going to the movies!. And also it is troubling when your friends say to you "I don't like subtitled movies". I wanna cry every time that happens!

Robert said...

I go alone all the time because it's easier and you don't have to agree on what movie to see! So I can go see all my indies. :P

Marsha Mason said...

One of the last few times I've gone with people, they changed their minds on the film at the last minute, from "Royal Tenenbaums" to "Oceans 11."

"We'll go see 'Tenenbaums" next time." Think that ever happened?

So now I mostly go alone.

Fernando Moss said...

most of the times since my friends and I have very different tastes in movies and so did my ex... So i prefer to go alone than go and see The Last Song and KickAss...

Ben said...

I HATE going to the movies alone. I had to break my rule because literally everyone I could find had already seen There Will Be Blood and I had to see it. I felt uncomfortable the whole time.

cjmovieman said...

Basically, my motto is "I am seeing this movie right now, if you want to see it at that moment too, then come with me; if not, then I'll go alone." Most times my friends still want to go with me but I do sometimes go alone and quite enjoy doing so too.

Deborah said...

I often go alone. It started when I got divorced, but I love it. So much easier to get a good seat if you're not looking for two or three together.

Matt T said...

Not only do I often go alone, but I go when there are an average of 3 people in the theater with me. Most college students don't care to go see Up in the Air or Ghost Writer with me.

Montage said...

I always go movie alone before i got attached... there was once i did 3 movies back to back alone...

James T said...

cjmovieman, ditto

Carl Joseph Papa said...

I like going out with friends or family, but usually I go alone because most of my friends and family question why I watch some of the movies I watch.

But sometimes, here in the Philippines, in some cinemas, especially when you are watching something that is R-rated, it becomes scary when you are watching alone. Some old men (sometimes not that old) will just sit beside you and start touching you in all R-rated places.

tess said...

Alone, mostly, if it`s something I feel I really need to concentrate on to fully appreciate. I like getting sucked into a film and that doesn`t happen when somebody`s whispering in my ear throughout the whole thing. Besides, most of my friends don`t want to see, say, a two-hour black-and-white Haneke film. I saw Alice In Wonderland with other people. I`ll see The Secret In Their Eyes alone.

Andrew R. said...

Depends. If it's indie, definatly alone. (Foreign qualifies as indie, but only because those films get a smaller release, not because my friends hate subtitles.)

Big movies...I actually see those alone pretty often too. Avatar was watched alone, though I use that term loosely considering the packed theater. But I saw Dark Knight with a large group of friends. At the end, we all stood up and applauded. We weren't alone, either.

Jeremy said...

Going to movies alone is a pure and profound pleasure. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The deep

Seeking Amy said...

Last year I saw these alone:

A Serious Man
An Education
Broken Embraces
Up in the Air
A Single Man
Inglourious Basterds
Where the Wild Things Are

I saw these with my best friend:

(500) Days of Summer
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Taking Woodstock
The Stepfather (i'm ashamed to admit this but he didn't want to see Paranormal Activity and i'm willing to make a sacrifice every now and then)


Public Enemies
Whip It!
Paranormal Activity
Jennifer's Body

I can't remember the last time I went with my family. Bottom line is that the "fun" movies are the ones I usually see with several people. My best friend is about the only one that would watch the kind I watch alone with me, but he never does!

Jeremy said...

... and focused experience of being silent, engaged, at one with the flickering narrative on the screen is, for me, like being close to God.

I only wish others would give themselves over to this life-affirming, life-changing experience more often. The world would be a better place.

brandz said...

Usually alone but I do make exceptions.

K said...

I always go to the movies alone. It's my moment with myself. I love the seventh art.

Caroline said...

Depends on what kind of movie.

Of course, big popcorn flicks or scary movies are a great communal experience. Pawing at your friend, alternately screaming or laughing hysterically at something dumb that happened onscreen. Priceless.

For the quieter, thought-provoking movies, however, I find it almost impossible to be completely committed to the screen while sitting next to a friend. I'd always be wondering about their reaction, or if they were enjoying themselves. And certain movies deserve - NEED your undivided attention in order to reap the full effect.

So yes, I love swapping "wtf" looks with my friend during Clash of the Titans, and I also love sobbing alone in the theater at the end of Bright Star, the holy-sweet visuals still flickering through my head.

Derreck said...

There are many occasions go alone. It's usually when i have no friends who'd like to see the movie that i'd like to watch (Nine, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Antichrist, etc.) but i'd prefer to not be alone.

God, that sounds so needy. lol. but i always feel awkward heading to a film by myself, especially if it's something crowded (like a midnight showing of Shutter Island i went to).

Most of the time though, i go with at least one other person. It just feels better. haha.

NoNo said...

I saw Rachel Getting Married as a solo birthday present to myself because I knew I was going to be around ppl the rest of the weekend.

Back in college, they would show films that weren't in theaters but also not on DVD yet so I would often see those alone. I saw King Kong, Babel and The Departed by myself.

Rahm said...

I always go alone. I like watching movies alone.

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

I usually go alone a lot. The multiplex is two blocks away from my house so whenever I get the urge to watch a movie (which is a lot but movies are $4 here) I pick up my things and go, which makes my whims impossible to be fulfilled by my friends.
When I do go with people it's often for the big ones.
"Avatar" with the boys, "Sex and the City" with the girls.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I actually prefer to go alone. Although I do like certain friends for certain kinds of movies. Like I have Wes Anderson friends, and Quentin Tarntino friends, and Cohen Brothers Friedns,and foreign film friends...etc. You don't want to be stuck with people who don't appreciate your taste in flicks.

Sometimes a social event is good, but I find that the more people involved the less likely I'll end up seeing the movie I would like to see. On the other hand, I've seen movies I liked that I wouldn't have chosen to see alone....

I guess I just like going to the movies..., so there!

Aaron said...

The last time I went to the movies alone was for my double shot of "Father's Day Nolan"...

May 2001: I treated myself to Memento.

May 2002: I treated myself to Insomnia.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Ben....THERE WILL BE BLOOD was uncomfortable with friends too.

Glenn said...

I go to a lot of arty/indie/etc movies by myself, but the bigger blockbuster type movies with friends. I go to media screenings a lot and take people if they're in the evening because it's kinda weird being at the cinema at night surrounded by people with guests and i'm there alone.

adri said...

I still get a little thrill out of going to a movie on the spur of the moment, especially when I get to play hookey with someone else.The most fun is where we ditch everything to see the very first showing of a new film.

I started seeing movies alone when I took a film course and our "homework" was to see 6 new movies a week. Strange how after seeing 4 or 5 movies in a day, your movie companions drop off. It's a great way of comparing movies, that's for sure. If you can't remember it at the end of the day, well..

When I go alone, I try to go to a theatre where no-one knows me. I hate running into people when I've gone alone. The other perils of being alone - imagine my surprise to feel a hand on my thigh during "the Passion of Joan of Arc".

Alex C. said...

When I go alone I feel like a critic. I kind of like that feeling.

Agustin said...

Most of the times I end up going alone, I hate checking up on everybody's availability, as cjmovieman says, I tell them I'm going to see this movie at this time, wanna come? If they want and can great, if not, thats ok.
Also, if I have to wait a week or two for some company for that small independent film, it will have probably ran its course..

Ryan Ray said...

Still have only seen Changeling alone in the theater, and I felt really awkward. Only because the ticket-taker outside the theater referred to me as "you guys", making me immediately ashamed that I shouldn't be going to a movie alone.

No Bad Movies said...

I'm either way. I do not have a rule about going to the movies. Especially when 90% of my friends don't see independent films or like the same kind of movies that I do. Including my girlfriend. I will go with a group to see a big bidget film, but mostly go alone to the Landmark theaters.
Plus there really are advantanges to going by yourself. 1) You are not hampered by someone elses schedule, so you can go whenever you want to and 2) it's a lot more easier for me for some reason to concentrate when I see a film alone. It has nothing to do with being anti-social or a movie elitist...it's just that sometimes it's just plain easier.

Jenn said...

Almost always alone, or occasionally with one person (either mom or date), but I can't handle the hassle of going in a pack.

Glendon said...

Count me in the camp of openly inviting people to come each time, but going alone is not a deal breaker. Especially if it's a comedy and everyone is having a good time, you're never really alone anyway.

Danny King said...

The most recent movie I saw alone was "Invictus." I don't mind going alone, but I usually have more fun going with at least one other person.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I think the last movie I went to see alone was "Frozen River" at like 4 in the afternoon between a serving double shift in 2008. I walked out of the theater by myself and one of the employees actually gave me an "Aw...sweetie," look of pity.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

i love going to the cinema alone but my dad keeps saying it's "unnatural."

he couldn't say that when i watched "Amelia" though!

Unknown said...

Movies I skipped out during High School to see, alone: BLOODy SUNDAy, THE CAT'S MEOW, IN AMERICA.

CrazyCris said...

All of the above! :p

Alone, with my Dad, with one friend, with a group of friends... whoever's available when I feel like going or whenever someone asks me. And if no one else is interested in the movie I want to see, then I'll go it alone! Not as much fun, but it's better than missing out on some excellent movies! ;o)

principessa1121 said...

I almost always go alone or with my sister. I usually go in "unsocial" hours so it'd be very difficult to arrange with my friends. There are not even so many of them who would share my enthusiasm for films and the ones who do live far away. I did see Mamma Mia in a pack though, mostly with fellow Meryl-fans, and that was quite an experience! :-)


i usually go alone too. I used to see them with friends more but i got really tired of trying to align schedules and my three besties all get weirdly less interested in movies in the past 5 years.

they're always like "can't we wait a couple of weeks until it's not crowded?" um, no. we cannot wait a few weeks.

and critics screenings are often during the day or at 6 PM and people don't want/can't leave work in time.

That said i used to always have someone with me. But it requires having friends who aren't picky and just want to see movies. I had a clsoe friend in college that always wanted to go so we did that every weekend at least twice.

Nicola said...

I go alone the majority of the time. That way I don't have to worry about a bored person next to me. Or listen to why they didn't like it. I usually only go with friends and such when it's a popular summer blockbuster type movie. Or if they suggest something. I never invite people with me otherwise. I sound like a hold hag don't I?

Volvagia said...

Well, I almost never go to the theatre anymore. And someone said Kick-Ass is in The Last Song's territory, quality wise. It's, sticking modern, closer to Hot Tub Time Machine. (HTTM is around 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Kick-Ass is at 78% and The Last Song is somewhere around 20%. No, none of those is an "artistic" movie. But some people's complaints about Kick-Ass indicate it's a good first person narrative. (Style choices reflect the character's ego (wide security camera shots are, frankly, cool) and bloodlust.)) Cinema can flub the first person narrative easily, including the use of overly dark images in Forrest Gump. (The message of the movie may be awful, but considering his simple, optimistic worldview, shouldn't they have chosen the brightest images possible for every single scene?)

Park Seongwook said...

I usually go to the movies by myself. And I love it. I'm gonaa see Poetry (Lee Changdong's new film) tomorrow and my anticipation is ultra-high. Yep, alone. :)

Dimitra said...

It never occurred, but I think that if I wanted to watch a film really bad and had no one to go with, I would go alone.

Christine said...

I think I'm in the minority here, but I don't really know any non-elderly people who won't see foreign or independent or documentary films with me. It would be like hanging out with someone who will only eat at The Olive Garden.

But, yeah, sometimes films are better seen alone. For example, as several people wrote, There Will Be Blood was just so intense that I felt uncomfortable seeing it with a group.

BillBill said...

95% of the time I watch movies alone. Especially if they're the arthouse films or the Oscars films, I want to focus on them alone without distractions from anyone else. Also, no one in my real life is interested in the artsy movies I like anyways. I'd only invite someone along for something mindless and summerish. The popcorn-fare type of film that doesn't require much out of you. But I don't see that kind of film too often anymore.

FrenchGirl said...


notanotherblog said...

Almost always. I see movies as a stimulating experience rather than a social event. Although I do get to watch movies with other people if someone asks me to or if they're already in the same theatre.

I wanna top your question with another one: Do you ever go to movies and find yourself to be the only one in the theatre?

Bing147 said...

Sometimes, ya. Depends on if anyone wants to go.

Last year:


A Single Man
Up in the Air
State of Play
500 Days of Summer
Crazy Heart
Race to Witch Mountain (don't ask)

With Girlfriend:

Bright Star
The Princess and the Frog
Whip It
The Fantastic Mr Fox
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Julie and Julia
Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

With Friends:

Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek
The Hangover
Where the Wild Things Are
Public Enemies
The Informant
District 9
I Love You Man
Capitalism: A Love Story
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
This Is It
The Invention of Lying
The Blind Side
Transformers 2
Terminator Salvation
Fast and Furious

So of the 39 I saw in theaters, 8 were alone, 7 just me and my girlfriend and 24 were with me and at least 1 friend (some of those my girlfriend saw too, but we were in a big group).

Runs Like A Gay said...

I go to the movies alone more than I go with friends. That way I see films I really want to watch, not well marketed rubbish.

(Although I do make some awful choices as well.)

Bill_the_Bear said...

Dino's reply pretty much sums up my feelings.

I go along at least 95% of the time. When I go with someone, it's almost always with my best friend, who takes movie-watching seriously and who makes great conversation about the film afterwards...NOT during.

Juligen said...

Sigh, its so good to see that I am not a loser to go alone see my favorite films. :)

I gave up going with my family since they ussually hate what I like and I aint gonna pay 10 bucks to see The Pink Pantner or crap like that.

My firnds sometimes go with me, but I know that films like Rachel Getting Married, La Vie en Rose, or Brockback Mountain are not everyone cup of tea. And I dont want to be worried during the film if they are enjoying or not, so I hather go alone, enjoy or not my film and be free.

Trevor said...

I see films alone pretty much exclusively, and I refuse to feel ashamed of it.

Julienne said...

alone most of the time. First time when I was about 8 or 9, while my mom waited outside the cinema (that's because she watched the movie without me, and I insisted that I watch it, too.)

Burning Reels said...

I think the stigma attatched to going alone is very sad indeed - these sheep should try it sometime.

Jesue Valle said...

I was terrified of seeing a movie by myself but no one wanted to see The Cove with me so I went anyway and it was amazing. I felt so liberated.

I only have one rule though. If it's a comedy/action/horror there has to be at least one person with me.

Although when I do go alone, sometimes I do find the urge to discuss the film with someone else. But I guess that's where blogging and IMDB come in.