Monday, February 05, 2007

We Can't Wait #14 "300"

Butler readies his army for battle. Haven't you heard? Swank is his next co-star.

Readers I didn't even need to ask my very smart 'we can't wait' pals why they so desperately await this movie. The answer was perfectly obvious...

History! I mean, who doesn't want to see it? Duh.
And what better way is there to learn about ancient Sparta and the Persians?

They should teach this stuff in schools.

You can see the trailer here. Zach Snyder is the man behind the wheel here and you may recall that he directed that superb remake of Dawn of the Dead a couple of years ago. Remember how dense and literate that was? This time he's adapting a wordy Frank Miller novel, so hit the books before seeing 300 on March 9th. The more you know going in the less likely you'll be confused by all those long talky political sequences.

UPDATE: New vlog footage with Gerard Butler for more 300 action. [src]

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WickedScorp said...
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WickedScorp said...

I have been experiencing extreme tunnel vision as far as 2007 goes since the first teaser hit for this. Apart from the obvious beefy goodness, the visuals here look to be beyond stunning and the action equally up to par. As release looms, I find myself anxious but I have blind confidence that this will deliver and then some.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I must have wandered into the Falcon website by mistake.

Anonymous said...

lol, hot. But Nat, when are you going to start putting promising films on your list? I'm Not There? Margot at the Wedding? The Golden Age?

Come on, put some movies on here that I can agree with you on, lol.

Anonymous said...

First: congrats on the IMDb mention. :)

Second: this movie looked really bad when I saw the trailer, although the half naked muscular men is quite possibly the only reason for me to go see this (besides the fact that NOTHING good gets released in March -- thanks a lot AMPAS).

J.D. said...

Now I know why m friend wants to see it, lol.

Oh, and Matty, we're towards teh bottom at this point. If they really are anticipating any of those films, it'll show up.

J.D. said...

" First: congrats on the IMDb mention. :) "

? ? ?

Who was mentioned on IMDb? Where? What?

Alanna said...

Nathaniel, if you like hard-bodied historical men, you should watch Rome on HBO. Mark Antony gets naked with some regularity, and there are plenty of sexy, manly plebs to enjoy as well. As a straight-leaning woman, I enjoy the show muchly.

Anonymous said...

Hot men in capes, what's not to love?

par3182 said...

a friend of mine did the costumes for this - what a freakin' dream job.

Glenn Dunks said...

*stares vacantly*

...are those six packs CGI?


but film-fanatic. screaming means quality acting! haven't you watched the oscars ;)

kidding of course

Anonymous said...

I would have Gerard Butler's bearcubs...

I have been salivating over the soft core porn that is 300 ever since I saw the first trailer.

Truly, it looks like there's a story, but with all that manly man hyperman superman flesh floating across the screen, I will see it even if it's so bad it burns my eyes.