Thursday, August 16, 2007

20:07 (Yeah Baby)

screenshots from the 20th minute and 7th second of a movie concert
I can't guarantee the same results at home (different players/timing) I use a VLC

You're everywhere I go ____And everybody knows __
I've paid for you with tears____ And swallowed all my pride

Happy Birthday to the one and only! Now answer these questions 2 in the comments:
1. Your favorite Madonna song?
2. Your favorite movie performance? (oh c'mon they're not all bad)
3. This one is only for the Madonna maniacs among you: Your favorite member of her entourage (past or present)?

Finally just for kicks, if you've never seen Guy Ritchie's Star, part of "The Hire" --those BMW shorts by famous directors --you really must. Clive Owen is the most magnetic chauffeur the movies offer and this particular short is the rare comedic entry in the series. Bonus Points: It's fun for both Madonna lovers and haters. Here it is


Michael Parsons said...

Happy Madonna’s Birthday to you too Nat!

For song I would have to go with ‘Like a Prayer’ as it did make the top of my top 25

For performance I will probably stand alone in saying that is it “Who’s That Girl” the movie was horrible but the performance was committed and showed comedic promise.

Michael Parsons said...

Oh Jesus!! how could I miss no. 3!!!!


Comentator said...

Hmmmm... as a performance, I'll probably go with the easy route and chime in with Star. I'm hooked on Hung Up lately, just as I loved Beautiful Stranger.

Deborah said...

Oh dear. Not a big fan.

1. Hanky Panky. Or Die Another Day.
2. Desperately Seeking Susan. Maybe the only good movie she did (except for Die Another Day).

Glenn Dunks said...

1. "Vogue"
2. Hmmm. Perhaps Desperately Seeking Susan or Dick Tracy
3. I had a thing for Cloud during the Hung Up video.

J.J. said...

2. A League of Their Own. ALL THE WAY MAE.

Unknown said...

Favorite Song? Crazy for You, but it's a really hard choice.

Favorite Film? I'm going with Evita. She committed to it, believed it, lived it. She really was terrific in A League of Their Own, though.

Favorite member of her entourage? Sandra Bernhard..."Believe the rumors!"

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Mads! <3

Cinesnatch said...

1. Express Yourself.
2. Bodies of Evidence. "Have you ever seen animals make love Frank?"

viennarain said...

1. The Power of Goodbye
2. Evita (which is also my favourite movie)
3. Debi Mazar

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day

Vogue ( I'm not a huge Madonna

"A League of Their Own" she was pretty good in that one.

Nat, how was 3:10 to Yuma??

Anonymous said...

1. "Vogue"
2. Evita

BTW, Madonna is my ALL when it comes to music. Happy birthday!

Poli said...

Favorite song: Sorry

Favorite Movie Performance: Evita (with A League of Their Own a close second)

Not a big enough fan to know who is in her entourage :(

lawyer tony fernando said...

Parabéns Madonna!!!! Fav song: Into the Groove! Fav performance: is tie between Truth or Dare/Susan, and another tie si for Daniel Cloud Campos and Donna Dellory

Anonymous said...

Song: "Skin" from Ray of Light

Movie: Evita, I guess, but I have a soft spot for Who's That Girl

Anonymous said...

1. Either "Ray of Light" or "Like a Prayer". I'll flip a coin and say "Like a Prayer".

2. "Evita". That was probably Madonna's shining film moment and the best she'll ever be on celluloid.

Barry said...

Even though there is a lot of Madonna songs to choose from, I would have to pick "Hung Up" as my favourite. Very catchy tune.

Favourite performance: Eva Peron in Evita. Sorely robbed of an Oscar nom.

Anonymous said...

Well, the music channels over here have been playing non-stop Madonna pretty much all day - I caught the video for Material Girl by chance and remembered what an great pop song it is.

So for the moment, it's Material Girl. But that will probably change tomorrow.

As for movie, it has to be Evita - 1st film I saw 3 times in the cinema (aged 12). Yes, I was embracing my inner and outer gay at the time without knowing it. Though never was a big fan until more recently - yes, I'm finally succumbed to the gay cliches.

Anonymous said...

And thanks for reminding me how hot Clive Owen is.

Can't believe I once interviewed the guy for the student paper.

Kevin & Leigh's Sexy-Ass Blog said...

1. "Cherish"
2. Desperately Seeking Susan
3. Me. (I WISH!!)

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

1. Like a Prayer
2. Fiction: Evita
"Non-fiction": I'm Going to Tell You a Secret.
3. Nikki and Stuart Price all the way!


i guess i should answer my own question

1. LIKE A PRAYER (erotica is runner up)
2. Herself in TRUTH OR DARE
3. my top 5 in descening order from past to present: Sandra Bernhardt ("who would really blow your mind?"), Tony Ward, Donna DeLory, Cloud, Niki Harris

c.p. iñor said...


Anonymous said...

1. Like a Virgin

2. A League of Their Own

3. Sandra Bernhard for all the crazy shit that went down.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh, how could I forget Evita for performance? Crazy.

NicksFlickPicks said...

1. So much genius work, but I'll have to say "Like a Prayer." But "Papa Don't Preach" is sooo damn close. Maybe it is "Papa Don't Preach."

2. The Truth or Dare answer is totally brilliant. I agree, but since I didn't think of it, I would say the "Come-on-a-My-House" sequence in Swept Away. I really didn't think that movie was so bad. But, embarrassingly, I haven't seen Desperately Seeking Susan or A League of Their Own or Dangerous Game.

3. Sandra Bernhard. But I loved her and Rosie together on Arsenio, back in the day: she was so pissed that someone could actually upstage her! And what I actually love is when Madonna picks up some celebrity for five seconds and then drops them. Remember when she was friends with Gwyneth Paltrow?

Anonymous said...

1. Song - I'm going to go with Borderline.

2. Movie peformance - Both as herself, in Truth or Dare and Evita.

3. Member of her entourage - Usually her dancers. I miss her gay dancers, like Luis and Slam. I love Cloud and Tamara Levinson too.

Anonymous said...

1) LIKE A PRAYER. RAY OF LIGHT being the runner-up

Madonna's favourite albums:
1) Ray of Light
2) Like a Prayer
3) Confession of a Dance Floor

2) EVITA. Her best performance and also her Oscar snub (SHAME OF YOU, ACADEMY!).

3) William Orbit, Pat Leonard and Stuart Price...the producers of her works I love more.

Mirko S.

melbornboy said...

express yourself; niki harris; who's that girl.