Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All That Link

CinemaTech has an interview with Mark Stern about a new innovative form of theatrical exhibition, boutique cinema / private yet public screening experiences.
<---Windmills of My Mind begins its "31 Days of Spielberg" marathon. Y'all know I'm not a Spielberg disciple but I admire massive blog/writing projects so hats off --good luck to Damian with this. I'm sure many Spielberg true believers will enjoy. I remain a heathen.
Sunset Gun urges people to root for LiLo still... I appreciate the sentiment and share the belief (the one about the talent) but I'm just too raw to go there now. I have to give up for my own sanity
JLT/JLT names 100 Favorite Performances of the Aughts
And the Winner Is... is among the first to see 3:10 to Yuma
Hollywood Chicago Focus Features Four @ TIFF. If my favorite studio doesn't have a good Oscar year it'll be a surprise.
Flickhead images from the new Chabrol starring Benoit Magimel (yum) and Ludivine Sagnier (yummier)


Anonymous said...

Atonement....please god make Atonement good

J.D. said...

Rurrrr, I don't think anyone is wishing it badly. So... PLEASE MAKE IT GOOD!!

Anonymous said...

I'm wishing it with the fire of a million suns

J.D. said...

Only 300,000 for me. I have a million billion for The Golden Age.

Anonymous said...

Well, Empire has given it 5 stars so that's a start at least.

Anonymous said... long as Cate loses to Keira, I'm fine with your wishing j.d. :)

And that review fro Empire made my life

gabrieloak said...

Linney and Santoro were definitely two of the best things in Love Actually.