Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Little Merman

I've returned from ocean dips and lazy beach strolling. sigh. Nothing relaxes me like the water. If I had to be a mythical creature instead of a human, I'd definitely go with something in the merfamily. I don't normally spend any time thinking about Tom Hanks movies but the ending of Splash always makes me so jealous. Living in the ocean would be awesome but for the terrible internet connection.

Before I begin with the large task of getting caught up with everything non R&R related I want to say thank you to my guest bloggers. Big hugs to StinkyLulu who gaily carried on the screenshot series y'all keep asking for more of, My New Plaid Pants who kept us up to date on the cinematic here & now and Nick Davis who came out of internet hibernation to sing Pfeiffer's praises in my absence (how thoughtful!)

I'll be back to regular posting in mere hours but until then here's a few of my Zoom In articles you can catch up with or opine about in the comments: Will Hairspray Tease Up More Box Office?" which looks at the top 20 movie musicals (box office wise) of the past few decades. "Foodies" a few DVD recommendations since No Reservations and Ratatouille are both working the restaurant fantasies in theaters. And finally I do much bitching about a Top 100 List I was asked to participate in ("The Online Film Community's Top 100"). Lists....they just never satisfy, do they?


Anonymous said...

I half-expected the final result to look something like this:

3. The Godfather
2. Fight Club
1. Pulp Fiction I wasn't too disappointed with the real result. The highest ranking for an "aughts" entry is #25 (Eternal Sunshine), which may be debatable, but (IMO) not outrageous.

It is however supposed to be American movies only, right?

J.D. said...

#94. #9... 4. I've given up faith in humanity.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...
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The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

To steal from Marge Simpson: "There you go (again), thinking that living under the sea will solve all your problems." :P

Welcome back to the grind, Nath!

Colin said...

Looks like a pretty good list to me. Personally, I like that The Empire Strikes Back beat Star Wars. And none of the Lord of the Rings films crept too high.