Saturday, August 04, 2007

You've Pushed Me to the Link

/Film is boycotting Regal Cinemas. Ticket buyers are not the enemies...even when they make stupid decisions.
By Ken Levine a TV writer names his favorite comedic screenplays. Great choices.
NewNowNext Scarjo is in Louisiana and in the studio recording her first album
Anne Thompson on the already controversial animation race for this year's Oscars. Is Beowulf animated?
Evening Class on Edith Head, the eight time Oscar-winning costume designer

today's must see: Women in Film - 80 blended portraits. It's quite the hypnotic video [src]


NicksFlickPicks said...

I'm sort of on Regal's side with this (presuming that there is no way Jhannet Sejas will actually serve any jail time, and that the fine probably won't be $2,500). To the extent that she got thrown out of the theater and her wits scared out of her a little bit, I'll concede that Regal overreacted (so as to generate exemplary publicity, I'm sure), but I'm tired of people phoning and recording and snap-shotting during movies, and talking or popping in and out of the theater, and then playing the victim when they get caught or thrown out. I know it's unfashionable to side with the big corporation, and I almost never do, but it's also true that exhibitors, even huge ones like Regal, barely have a leg to stand on financially anymore, nor do we as audiences do almost anything to respect the in-cinema experience anymore.

If Jhannet goes to jail, which is unimaginable to me, I'll get fired up on her side, but if she gets slapped on the hand and made an example of in the media, I don't blame Regal. [/unpopular position]


i hear you but i find the exhibition business bewildering how are they NOT making money what with their relentless shilling of everything. ddozens of commercials, slide shows, etc... and those exorbitant food prices.

Keith said...

Ditto to everything Nick said, and an added question: What kind of frackin' idiot is this woman that she thought she'd get away with this in the first place?

Anonymous said...

But Nat, how else are they going to make money? I don't think that they make much from showing the movies, so of course they need other means to keep the place running--i.e., advertising, concession stands.

So I am also on Regal's side on this one.

Michael Guillen said...

Nathaniel, thanks for the tip of the hat; much appreciated.