Monday, August 20, 2007

Collectible Madness

Today at The Exploding Kinetoscope Chris Stangl plays with his Winona Ryder doll... I'm sorry, action figure. I kid you not. I love this post. Mr. Stangl brings up a great point about the lack of Winona collectibles out there. Who wouldn't snap up a "polystone statue of Veronica Sawyer from Heathers, posed with a croquet mallet and a fistful of Red Vines"? I mean, I'd buy 10!

This also begs the question: Which movie collectible (real or imagined) do you most wish you could play with? (And no fair cribbing from Christopher Guest's Guffman wrap up for your answer)


Mike Phillips said...

How about a full line of The Women dressable action figures—in Technicolor! Yes, you can dress Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Rosalind Russell, or any of the cast members up in Adrian's fanciful gowns!

(No males participated in the manufacture of these action figures.)

J.D. said...

Chihiro, Haku, and Yubaba figures, and the $350 Bathhouse playset that I'll play with twice then forget about! Whee!

Neel Mehta said...

There should be a Heathers action figure set!

Veronica Sawyer: as you said, "with a croquet mallet and a fistful of Red Vines." Maybe add her diary, but no, I can't top that.

Jason Dean: with a leather jacket and a microwave burrito.

Heather Chandler: with a red hair bow and a bag of BBQ Corn Nuts.

Heather McNamara: with pompoms and a stunning lack of individuality.

Heather Duke: with a copy of Moby Dick and kung-fu bulimia grip.

Veronica's Dad: with a damn cigarette and a bunny rabbit to patronize.

Kurt and Ram: with mineral water... and each other.

MadHatter said...

I always wanted the Gwen Paltro cooking playset Oven from Sylvia. does that count?

Kurtis O said...

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted that ugly, squiggly magic wand from "Willow". Not a single stick I've found in nearly 20 years has been a worthy substitute. Also, I always thought the characters and creatures from "Tremors" would make great action figure toys. All the kid would need to do is find some dirt, and - scene.

KingRoper said...

I want the Nomi Malone action figure! Take it in the bath, wind her up, and she'll wrap her legs around the faucet and thrash about! With her Violent Arm Twitch, Nomi can throw food, beat up rapists, or just 'dance'!

Also sold seperately:
The Cheetah Club playset with stripping pole - compatable with all other dolls! What will Barbie's stripper name be?

Nomi's Suitcase filled with bags of chips, nail polish, burger, and pole grease!

Runs on 3 AA-sized bags of coke (not included)

Anonymous said...

The Boogie Nights cast would make a fine set of (un-)dressable action figures. Rollergirl with remove-able roller skates (and clothes). Marky Mark with a push me-button that made him sing "The Touch" (off-key). And Don Cheadle would come with various zany outfits to deck him out in.

Then you could buy Luis Guzman's club, with battery-driven neon lights and ambient "You Got the Best of My Love" soundtrack - or Jack Horner's crib, complete with swimming pool and jacuzzi! Yesss!

I would buy them.



Aaron said...

I'm gonna throw one out from left field (pun intended) and ask for a full playset from The Sandlot, complete with Beast!

Sounds a little corny, but I can never get enough of that movie!

Anonymous said...

Nomi Malone and Rollergirl are both great ideas... I'd like to see a line of John Waters' characters collectibles: Lady Divine (of the Cavalcade of Perversions), Divine/Babs Johnson (fishtail gown, blue jumpsuit, birthday dress, they're all great looks), Dawn Davenport, Francine Fishpaw and Edna Turnblad, and those are only the ones played by Divine.