Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Re: Owen Wilson

I haven't posted anything about Owen Wilson's recent hospitalization --apparently from a suicide attempt -- because I don't post about the personal lives of celebrities unless it's somehow related to their screen work or unless I just can't help myself (gay celebs and Lindsay Lohan obviously fall into this second category --I'm not perfect)

In this case all I really want to say is "get well soon"

But if you've been thinking about this wonderful actor these past few days as I have, I point you to a beautiful piece by Matt Zoller Seitz called "A sunbeam in the abyss". He states super eloquently what I've expressed in the past (albeit awkwardly) whenever the subject of biopics rears its head: People have complicated emotional lives. Let's not reduce.


Anonymous said...

Wow, no comments?

Thank you for that link to Matt's essay - it is, indeed, moving and eloquent. I've been struggling with depression myself for the greater part of the last year (and have had family members succumb to it) and so it's something I take very seriously. So there but for the grace of God...I wish Mr. Wilson all the best in his recovery, and hope the media - and the public - respect his wishes and allow him his privacy.



i take it seriously too --i'm glad you liked his piece.

and chin up redsatindoll yourself. I always look forward to your comments!

Anonymous said...


This is why I enjoy your blog so much ... I do not enjoy gossip rags.
Thank you

Glenn Dunks said...

Yeah, the whole Wilson thing is incredibly sad (suicide always hits me worse, having had friends friends in that situation). Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Nat, you just made my day (I think I'm having a Sally Fields moment). Thank you!