Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pfeiffer w/ Letterman. Where Ya Been?

I meant to post this a few weeks back but it's still worth delivering unto you since it's the summer of Pfeiffer's return and Letterman can't really let the subject of that five year break go in this interview. I've edited it down to six minutes so that it's easy for y'all to digest. After that uncomfortable visit with Oprah broke La Pfeiff back into the swing of the press circuit, she's handling herself well (a great actress she is. A great talk show, usually not so much). But she's so relaxed here that I'm wondering what they slipped her in the green room.

I love that David and Paul can't let the Fabulous Baker Brothers [sic] go either. Funny. I haven't watched Letterman in a long time but this short bit reminds me how good he is at his job, always keep up the pace of the interviews while really listening to the stars and quipping. That's more than some of his competitors can claim.

Michelle's recent Inside the Actors Studio visit is lengthy so I'll see what I can do about bringing you highlights over the next couple of days


Anonymous said...

Good work Man!
It's a big summer for us too!

Glenn Dunks said...

huh? Anyway.

I saw this when it was on a while back (I recorded it on my DVR so I could rewatch it, naturally) and she came off really well. And it was nice to hear Letterman legitimately praising her and constantly referencing those Oscar nominations throughout the show.

c.p. iñor said...