Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Link Runner

European Films 1st Official Submission for Oscar's foreign film race announced: The Netherlands are pushing Duska (yes, I'll get the foreign page going on my Oscar section)
Buzz Sugar has this weekly "recasting" challenge thing. This week they're eyeing West Side Story. To quote me pal Nick 'why u wanna hurt me?'
Deep Focus worries about the bowdlerization of The Golden Compass
Zoom In James Lyons (RIP) speaks about the art of film editing
My New Plaid Pants photos from a new Greenaway production. I miss him.
Fishbowl LA Hollywood as a Logan's Run business. 'Kill 'em once they reach 35' Based on the last line of this article I assume this is a comedic take on the situation but still...
Steve on Broadway Billy Elliott on B'way. Only 390ish days away!
To Whom It May Concern
"Dear Creative Block, ..."
I Watch Stuff Cassandra's Dream trailer. If it's anything like Match Point, yes please
ALAP thinks Blanchett might be the first to win two acting Oscars in one night. He thinks that'd be "rad" I personally would choose a different adjective... and maybe a 4-letter word to go with it.

And finally... I discovered while browsing Read Roger that novelist Lloyd Alexander died earlier this summer. I had no idea. I absolutely loved his books (The Chronicles of Prydain) as a kid and it's still a fervent hope of mine that some talented filmmaker will do them justice. Disney messed up badly when they tried to scrunch three novels together for their animated take on The Black Cauldron. More inexplicably they removed several indelible and movie-friendly character traits from the main trio of characters. Disney probably holds the rights for all time (sigh) but a boy can dream that someone somehow somewhere will give this series another movie chance.


Anonymous said...

I totally thought the same thing when I read that about Blanchett...

Anonymous said...

She can't win both Oscars; it's against Academy rules. She'll simply win the one she gets more votes for, and the other will go to the runner-up.


that rule is actually only about nominations as far as I know. You can't be nominated for the same performance in two categories. If you are technically in the top five in both categories for one performance (by vote totals) that does happen yes.

Glenn Dunks said...

I can't say it'd be what I want to see, but you must admit it'd be something to remember the show by!

Anonymous said...

If she's nominated in lead and supporting for two different roles, then Cate Blanchett can most certainly win two Oscars on the same night.

Anonymous said...

If she's nominated for lead and supporting for two different roles, then Cate Blanchett will probably be another victim of the split vote. AMPAS has really seemed determined to spread the wealth around these past few years, especially amongst the 'big' categories.

Anonymous said...

I love how ahead of ourselves we get.

Arguement 1: She would split her votes....

I don't know. Are people really so averse to the idea that the same people would vote for her twice? And even without that, you don't need a majority (ie 50% +1) to win. That said, I do think she'd have to really WOW everyone (including Nathaniel, and we know how much het hates this Cate the Great these days) AND the competition would have to be underwhelming.

Argument Two: The academy likes to spread the wealth

Hilary Swank would like to have a word with you. She was the only former winner amongst a crowd that contained two performers that carried their films (Staunton and Bening) and the most acclaimed young actress currently working (Winslet, who is likely the only person to consider challenging Streep's record in the future). But she was able to sneak through and win her second oscar (and more particularly, no one looks at her overall career and says that it looks like that of a double oscar winner, as they would with Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Meryl Streep etc. At best, she looks like Luise Rainer. Her film list is seriously lacking).


I doubt Blanchett is winning this year at all. Two nominations are certainly plausible at this point, though.