Thursday, August 16, 2007

Links. Plus TIFF & NYFF Lineups

Defamer Jodie's sapphic riddles continue
Popwatch "In praise of Pacino's hamminess"
Movie Blog a bunch of new Dark Knight photos. Heath & Bale!
<--- Movie Marketing Madness loves the Michael Clayton poster. So do I MMM, so do I.
Guardian asks "Bourne or Bond: who'd win in a fight?" I'm like 'duh, neither!' They're both indestructible. Car crashes, explosions, bullets, whatever... they can't be hurt. I know that Jason Bourne limps through the first few minutes of Ultimatum and Bond sweats his way through a death scare midway through Casino Royale but they were both faking it.

And finally, the full Toronto International Film Festival list by country and the New York Film Festival lineup. I had hoped to do a whole lengthy post on this but I'm afraid my life is more like this lately. Truly... but that's not really discussable on this here blog. More later on these festivals though, which are.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that constant speculation over Jodie Foster's sexuality bothers me immensely. I could care less whether she's gay, straight, or taken, and I will never understand the immense need in the gay community at large to attempt to make her admit to it one way or the other. I don't feel like she has any responsibility to me as a celebrity to be some sort of beacon for my sexuality. It's her life, and if she wants to keep making good movies and stay tight lipped about her personal life, I'm fine with that. I WISH I knew less about Britney Spears' relationships.


it's not so much speculation as annoyance. EVERYONE knows it about Jodie hence the waiting game.

as soon as someone can point to a straight celebrity that has never spoken / admitted to / or publicly acknowledged their heterosexuality in any way than this will make sense ;)

but the fact is: what goes on within anyone's relationship is inherently private but the EXISTENCE of relationships between people is never private... or never stays private at least.

it's a double standard is all.

but yes. we do know too much about celebrities

Anonymous said...

The sad truth is, though, if she openly admits to it, it will become a GIGANTIC story and overshadow everything she does, possibly even damaging it. If this is the case, I don't fault her for not doing it. I feel no annoyance with her for making decisions in her life that don't effect me directly whatsoever.

Sorry...this is just a huge pet peeve of mine.

J.D. said...

Point 1: God I can't wait for Persepolis...

Point 2: That poster for Michael Clayton is very excellent.

Point 3: Is there any concrete and legitimate proof that Foster is a lesbian? Is there?


what are you looking for with "legitimate proof" ?

can you PROVE that i'm gay other than my own admission?

let's see... you can point to the fact that i live with a man, we've been together for years and if you follow me around with a camera he'll end up in some of the photos.

all of this is also true of Jodie (only the man is a woman named Cydney Bernard ;)

i hear what rural juror is saying but it's also a pet peeve of mine only in the opposite way.

sexual behavior is private.
sexual orientation only is private if people hide it. straight people don't hide it some gay people do

(examples of just how public sexual orientation is: weddings, public displays of affection, extremely casual references to spouse or significant other in all areas of life: at work, with friends, with their families, even with strangers)

that's the end of my soapbox

until next time!!! ;)

Glenn Dunks said...

One australian film at Toronto. How diverse.

(although Romolus My Father with Eric Bana, The Home Song Stories with Joan Chen, and Night were apparently confirmed as of just a few days ago so I wonder what happened to them)

Anonymous said...

Alternate caption for the Foster/Cydney photo:

'Jodie Foster crosses the street at the same time as a single mother, whose children fail to recognise the famous actress.'

J/k... It is of course Foster's business to address that any way she wants. I'm sure they've had enough conversations about it, and to change policy now would only make it a much bigger story.

More disturbing is why Foster has so few good movies to her name of late?

- The Desplat-loving Australian

Anonymous said...

So what if she is?

It's her life and her decisions don't affect me in the slightest. They don't affect anyone. Why worry about it?

Anonymous said...

It's the same with Queen Latifah though. I could care less if they are gay, but the public will make a spectacle of it, if they openly admit it.

Anonymous said...

FOr me, the Jodie Foster situation is mitigated by the fact that she's done a lot to try and live a private life. Blame John Hinckley if you want to, but she's been tightlipped about virtually every area of her private life, and I'm prepared to respect that.

It's a different situation from say Anderson Cooper, who published a biography revealing many private details (about his family life, brother's suicide, mother's reaction etc), but says that his sexuality is private, I get a bit peeved at the double standard.

Neel Mehta said...

Regarding Michael Clayton: movie poster of the year. It should win an award at ShoWest or something.

Regarding Jodie Foster: I think the greater question is whether people believe general social attitudes toward homosexuality would improve if every secretly gay celebrity came out.

Sometimes I wonder if there's a vast silent majority of people who just don't care, and don't want to be made to care one way or another.

Anonymous said...

as soon as someone can point to a straight celebrity that has never spoken / admitted to / or publicly acknowledged their heterosexuality in any way than this will make sense ;)

Kevin Spacey.

I agree with all who expressed the "leave her alone already" sentiment. Isn't the whole point of equal rights that my sexuality isn't anyone else's business? Of course, if a person wants to make it a public knowledge (s)he should be allowed to and not be discriminated because of it, but if not, this kind of pressure borders on bullying IMHO. ("Declare yourself! Everyone does! Everyone should!")


luke, that was joke right? kevin spacey. hee

Anonymous said...

I agree rural juror. Jodie Foster's sexuality is all her own. If she wants to keep it private, it's her business, and I don't give a damn about needing the world to know that she's out. As long as she makes good films, that's all I'm concerned with. The bigger issue I have is that I wish she'd get out of her "Flightplan" mode and get back to more substantive roles. I don't think that "The Brave Ones" is going to exactly do that.

The "Michael Clayton" poster is awesome BTW.