Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hump Day Hottie: Justin Theroux

I didn't get a chance yesterday to post the weekly DVD roundup but the only absolutely crucial info to know is this: INLAND EMPIRE has arrived. Lynch's bizarre grotty nightmare, which vaguely revolves around an actress on a cursed film shoot, is potent art film stuff.

If you didn't catch it in theaters (and who can blame you really given the sorry state of distribution in this country for fringe films) you'll finally be able to see why Nick thought it was last year's best American film, you'll see why I strayed from Oscar's consensus Best Actress list to include Laura Dern, and you'll see what "the face" (Film Bitch 'Best Scene' nominee) refers to. Though on this last point -- oh hell on all of these points, you might not see at all. Glenn @ Stale Popcorn who recently saw the film still had to ask me which scene I meant. I thought it would be obvious but his question and his guesswork brought other images from the film springing back to life in my mind. Lynch movies are liquid like that, filling up whatever empty space they rush into. It's a weird but unmissable movie ... just like the rest of Lynch's oeuvre.

When I saw INLAND EMPIRE last December @ the IFC center (along w/ The Boyfriend and JA), Lynch regular Justin Theroux was present for a Q&A after the movie. He asked the crowd not to ask him what the movie meant but sure enough... within a couple of questions a hand went up "But what do you think the movie means?" sigh

Nevertheless the actor was highly agreeable even in response to the dumbest questions (somebody actually asked him about his eyebrows) and he was gorgeous in an extremely casual 'I'm just watching the movie with you' kind of way. He spoke honestly about his first and second reactions to the film (different) and likened the film to the non narrative pleasure of music if I recall correctly... though the memory of the night is fuzzy after Laura Dern frightened me with The Face™.

Justin Theroux is, as a hottie, not for everyone. That's OK: more for me. I've always been partial to extremely angular beauties. With Mr. Theroux the angularity doesn't stop with the jawline and cheekbones. It parties with the lively assymetrical eyebrows and then, still restless, shoots straight up into the sharp angles of his hair (it's easy to see why big haired Lynch favors him as a surrogate) and down through the sinewy body. The angles are having too much fun to quit with just the face.

Oh, I almost forgot. Justin played a director in Mulholland Drive and now he's playing one in real life, too. His first film Dedication (starring Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Dianne Wiest, Bobby Canavale and Amy Sedaris) opens next week. Here's the trailer.

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Michael C. said...

Okay, I agree with you completely about the Justin hotness factor.

I also agree with you 200% about The Face™. I missed your original post about this terrifying moment in this amazing film, but reading about your reaction now I must say again... we are sympatico.

Glenn Dunks said...

I too re-read the original article you wrote that mentioned The Face™ (after emailing you) because I chose not to read it originally.

But, you agree that Laura pulls a lot of faces in that movie, right?

That scene was just horrifically terrifying.

Onto Justin. He is a sexy sexy dish. He was also the best thing about Charlie's Angels 2 (or, his 12-pack was). Yummy.

Jason Adams said...

Ahem. The Face™!!!

God I love JT. The fact that he's good friends with Amy Sedaris only makes him 1000% hotter, too. There was this article in some magazine where he was pictured sitting outside this little shop a couple blocks from my office that I pass by every day walking to work and so I think of him every single morning. If he's ever there I think I might just jump into his lap and never let go.

viennarain said...

I love Justin Theroux. He was one of the best guest-starring villains on Alias.