Friday, August 03, 2007

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Becoming Jane Pretty princess Anne Hathaway plays the author Jane Austen. James McAvoy circles her lustfully. More on this movie very soon
<--- If I Didn't Care Roy Scheider! Where he been? For those of you who've wondered (I know I have but maybe that's because I've had All That Jazz on loop this month) he's in this indie thriller set in the Hamptons. It's calling itself 'Hitchcockian.' If I had a dime for every thriller that billed itself that way...
The Ten Fans of Wet Hot American Summer (I'm proud to say I saw it when it first hit theaters and laughed heartily --I didn't need to wait for the cult to erupt) take note: David Wain has a new movie. This comedy takes on the ten commandments in individual segments. A fun cast is on board: Gretchen Mol, Justin Theroux, Winona Ryder,

The Bourne Ultimatum Matt is back and on the attack in this reliably strong action franchise. Early buzz is hysteric. Will it be the biggest Bourne or will sequel fatigue settle in? Summer 2007 box office receipts says there's no such thing
Bratz Teen girl movies can be gobsmackingly awesome (See Mean Girls. In fact: see it over and over again) but this one looks like the genre's nadir
El Cantante I feel like JLo and hubby have been making this movie for the past two hundred years. Is she over as a movie star?
Hot Rod A comedy that remembers to wrap up before the 90 minute mark. I already love it for its brevity
Underdog I'm more of a cat person


Anonymous said...

How come I have a feeling that your comment about Underdog is an

Becoming Jane, I am kind of sick of the onslaught of period pieces and this just looks boring. I could be wrong though.

Anonymous said...

I will see Becoming Jane for the McAvoy...but I can wait.

"Is she over as a movie star?"

Probably, thank god.

And The Ten has me excited over the return of Noni and another fun turn by Gretchie Mol.

Anonymous said...

The Bourne Ultimatum looks bad ass, with a director and cast that seem to know how to deliver. Every other new movie this weekend seems to have gotten poor reviews, although the L.A. Times was very complimentary about Winona Ryder's performance in The Ten. She may not be over as a movie star.

J.D. said...

I cannot wait for Becoming Jane. I'm one of those people who dare not complain about period dramas; they're one of my favorite genres. And Anne Hathaway. And James McAvoy. And Julie Walters. And Maggie Smith. I HAVE TO SEE IT NOW!

Unknown said...

Jennifer Lopez chewed you up and spat you out in El Cantante. FIERCE.

Winona Ryder stole the The Ten with her committed, hilarious performance.

I am Alba-bias, but I have to say, in all of her 5 minute screen-time, Jessica proved she is a comedic-force to be reckon with. She is just a natural! Cannot wait for the real thing in Good Luck Chuck.