Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Not Link

OK...well maybe I am a little

I Watch Stuff Richard Gere and Heath Ledger as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There. new pics
Oscar winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton on adapting Atonement to the screen... "an arduous task"
Reverse Shot has an interesting piece up about the disorienting action of The Bourne Ultimatum. I admit that I was thrilled while watching but also readily agree that I had no clue where anybody was at any given time (which usually prevents me from being thrilled, go figure) I enjoyed it more as abstraction but I do hope we don't continue down this road

And finally a new pic nabbed from WG/WB (one of my favorite theater blogs) from the forthcoming Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp as the demon barber and Helena Bonham Carter as his would be girl and accomplice Mrs. Lovett.

...a project about which I am still enormously nervous. So nervous that I'm not at all giddy though it is easily one of my favorite musicals of all time. And you know that's saying a lot. I'll be attending the tale of Sweeney Todd with nerves in turmoil


Steven said...

Gah, I'm so hoping they don't ruin Sondheim's masterpiece! I'll take some of those nerves for you.


Anonymous said...

When I first saw that picture, I immediately thought: what are they doing in Edward Scissorhands' attic?

Oh well, looking forward to it anyway.

adam k. said...

Really? My first thought was Sleepy Hollow.

Anonymous said...

Edward Scissorhands 2???
Is just me or they have way to much make up on?

Victor S.

Anonymous said...

It's not just you. Too much make-up, and overemphasized art direction.

Anonymous said...

I think The Times had a more interesting Atonement article
The Guardian did have a fairly lengthy interview with Joe Wright in their latest podcast.

Anonymous said...

My favorite musical ever as well. I am also nervous.
I read the script as it was before they started filming. Cut alot of songs I personally loved that they felt were not interesting or unimportant. (There were actually script notes that said as much.)
I don't know what happened to the script once they went into production and after editing, again, who knows?
BTW, Did you see the recent revival?


yes. i saw it. click here for my heavy breathing enthusiasm

Anonymous said...

umm, I just hope I like it, is all.

It doesn't have to be Oscar bound...sometimes you can't take things too serious.

PIPER said...

That shot looks exactly like it takes place in the Scissorhands attic. Which is not a coincidence since Burton hasn't been able to drum up an original thought for some time now.

Unknown said...

I had the good fortune of seeing Sweeney Todd on Broadway with Angela Lansbury (the experience, naturally, that made me gay). When I first heard that HBC was playing Mrs. Lovett, I was skeptical and thought, of course, the girlfriend gets the plum role. Now that I've thought about it a bit, I think it's brilliant casting. She has a warped edge and the right look.

Anonymous said...

I think some of you guys are too overcritical, it's only a pic (not even a trailer).

adam k. said...

I actually think HBC was better casting than Depp.

But then, they could've had Streep, Staunton or Collette. The Mrs. Lovett role will be PERFECT for Toni Collette in 10 years. Please let her play in onstage or something. And rumor has it that they offered it to Streep, but she had to turn it down cause she was already filming 10 other movies at the same time. Hmmm...

I'm not expecting greatness, but I'd be happy to be surprised. I am getting the vibe that people will want to give Depp the oscar for this role even if he's not any good. We'll see.