Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seven Links

Cinephilia announces an improptu "mumblecore" blog-a-thon
Cinemavistaramascope I generally hate narration in the cinema but Bemis serves up 10 examples of times when it went right
BoingBoing Alien made out of vegetables!
Awards Daily Daldry (The Hours) reteaming with Kidman for The Reader
ONTD! [NSFW] The Golden Girls go erotic in a curated show. They were pretty frisky on that landmark show
NY Mag re: Superbad. Greg Mattola is not Judd Apatow
BuzzSugar Scarlett Johansson seeking to thwart Cate Blanchett. Both still desperate to beat Jude Law's 2004 "I have a movie opening every week!" record


Anonymous said...

I'd nominate Trainspotting as a movie with good narration. But I might just be biased (since it's Ewan).


bias or not, his voiceover is effin great

adam k. said...

Completely random and unrelated, but how great were the 1982 Golden Globe Awards? No wonder that year got you hooked on awardage. I wish I'd seen them. So many deserving winners honored:

Ben Kingsley
Meryl Streep
Dustin Hoffman
Julie Andrews
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Jessica Lange

Yet another incidence of the globe getting it more right than the oscars. Happens almost every year now. It's always fun to see great comedy and musical fare honored along with the drama.

Anyway, carry on. Just a random shout-out to 1982.

adam k. said...

Oops, I have my years mixed up. Klaus was in 1985.

But anyway, there, again, is ANOTHER example of the globes getting it right.

Glenn Dunks said...

All they need to do now is cast Jamie Bell in that Daldry/Kidman movie and I'll be freakin' heaven!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage!

I owe you a million. And now it's a million and one.