Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day of Rest

Shhhhh! Viggo & Anne are enjoying a lazy post-coital nap. Don't spoil the moment for it's their last together [cue ominous music]

Next @ The Experience: Stardust, Anne Hathaway & Becoming Jane,
Michelle Pfeiffer goes 'Inside The Hellmouth Actors Studio', an Oscar list to raise your ire and more... (could we possibly hope for that All That Jazz article? Shut up!)


viennarain said...

I love how the tag for Anne Heche is "Celestia".

Anonymous said...

[Sigh] Does anybody else miss seeing Anne Heche on the big screen? I know she's starring on some TV show now, but I always found her to be a very underrated, potent film actor. Get this woman a meaty role -- Celestia be damned!



raises hand.

I freaking luv her. and yes, one of the most underutilized talents in Hollywood.