Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Body of Links

Ephemerist on fashion tyranny and Christina Hendricks' curves
GreenCine Guillaume Depardieu has died @ 37 years young. I loved him in Pola X and Tout Les Matins du Mondes [sniffle]
Cinema Styles "Bad Date" a screengrab story
Huffington Post Tina Fey on Sarah Palin. "I'm done" And by done she means...
NewNoxNext Lots of new Milk pics
Roger Ebert on that Bette Davis stamp ~ 'what a dump disappointment'
Just Jared Madonna brings Filth & Wisdom to New York during her "Sticky & Sweet" stay
The Big Picture on the dismal box office take of Body of Lies
A Socialite's Life 'she who must not be named' is now being sung about. I guess that's one way to avoid saying her name.

And finally, the new Twilight trailer. Doesn't it look like a superhero blockbuster now instead of a vampire romance?

I guess they know where the box office has been going all year... to men with super powers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the MILK pics link! They look awsome.

Speaking of, how's the MILK buzz on your end Nathaniel? Any major worries?

Anonymous said...

The real reason "Body Of Lies" flopped is because it looked dull and boring and no one had any idea of what to expect from the plot.

Plus, Ridley Scott is rubbish and Russell Crowe is hateable. The only thing it had going for it was Leo, and he still isn't respected enough by the general public sadly.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Oh Guillaume, I like everyone else, wanted him to be in all the mornings in my world. Heard he was a heroine addict. way too young for him to go.