Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Much Daisy Could A Daisy-Pusher Push...

Howdy, y'all. JA from MNPP here, popping my head in from a busy day at the-home-blog... why am I so busy, you ask? Well it's a Pushing Daisies Wednesday it is, and I'm just downright obsessed with that show. So obsessed in fact that I've gone and interviewed the man behind the show, the lovely Mr. Bryan Fuller, twice now!

Nat was already kind enough to personally link to the first half which appeared last week, and today I've got the second half up and... it has absolutely nothing to do with Pushing Daisies this time. But it does have to do with movies! Scary movies, mostly. It's October after all, tis the month.

So y'all should check that out, since I know we've got some Daisies fans here. And if you're not a fan, become one right this very second. The show needs the ratings, and I can't take any more shows I adore being axed. Do it for me! Someone you don't know! If you're not willing to give up a portion of your life for strangers, than for who, I ask? Who???

Ahem. Pushing Daisies is on ABC, Wednesdays at 8pm.

(I am being shameless with plugs for myself
and for this show, I am aware. Forgive me.

Lee Pace forgives me. See him forgiving me up there?)




be shameless all you want when you have an interview series this unusual and fun.

of course some credit most go to bryan fuller who is such a good sport to join in all the craziness.

Anonymous said...

it's on at 8pm! (at least where I live...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, hot! He must have at least size 12 (or larger) feet....mmmmm:)