Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hilary DeGeneres

Yesterday Hurlywood pointed me to this bizarre video of Hilary Swank as Ellen DeGeneres in the comments. Should I thank him or curse him?

On the one hand I found myself grinning like an idiot as two-time Oscar winner Hilary (née Beelzebub) danced around in a fairly decent, or at least high spirited, impression of the endearing comedienne. You may realize that grinning is, for me, not a common facial reaction when faced with the double Oscared one. But by the time Best Actress Twice Over drops (literally) into the guest chair I was back to my usual endangered stance, every hair on end. I'm so entirely weirded out by her shameless ability to make everything about herself. She's promoting what sounds like a great wig-making charity for cancer patients but when she talks about "cutting eight inches off" I'm totally transported back to the transgendering of Boys Don't Cry (though in that case it'd be adding inches on) and even once I bring myself back around to the 'for cancer wigs' part I'm mentally shouting at the screen 'You didn't cut your hair for cancer patients. You cut it to try to win Oscar³ as Amelia Earhart. I'm on to you Mister Sister!'

Amelia (2009) and Amelia (1928)

I'm so deeply suspicious of her (not excusing this bias ...just aware) that my only take-away was this: Is she trying to win her first Emmy for guest appearance with the old awards standby of celebrity mimicry?

I've been ignoring Halloween for some reason this year so the scariest thing I have to offer blog-wise is this totally random post on Hilary Swank. It's sooooo 2005. My apologies.



Michael Parsons said...

I think I dislike her more. After the initial smile from the Ellen dance I was like...stop now, you can't win and oscar for this.

Ugh. She still looks like she could eat an apple through a letter box

Anonymous said...

didn't she grown up in a trailer park with an outhouse?

apalling that she has 2 and Miss Barbara Stanwyck has 0.

Anonymous said...

the old ones are the best nat!!! if she is frontrunner next year for amelia and i feel she will be how will you cope.

John T said...

Except next year it will be worse-she'll be taking on La Pfeiffer instead of the Bening.


LA LA LA LA LA LA (i can't hear you)

Anonymous said...

Well, but isn't most Hollywood fake anyways? It's not just the Swank. If you watch Access Hollywood or ET, you can see celebrities who do charities just for publicity's sake. Even Oprah (i know, it's Saint Oprah) sometimes bother me with her focus on materialism in her Christmas etc show. If you have to pick on her, you will have to find faults with the whole Hollywood community. (BTW, I'm not saying that she is sincere or not annoying).


oh don't get me started on Oprah. that 'biggest giver' show or whatever it was... it was always about money. money. money. money. As if people can't be noble and help their communities if they aren't rolling in it. frustrating.

but then again -- you have to speak from experience and that's what Oprah knows so at least she has a good heart. There are many rich people who don't give it away

Anonymous said...

and the oscar goes to hilary swank for amelia!!!!!

just teasing nat.

G.K.R. said...

To quote The Simpsons, or possibly your average Oscar voter:

'"Swank"... 10 times more addictive than marijuana. To human misery!'

ah said...

i just love to love you hating her.

ah said...

but hey hey, i like the gal. you can curse me, i'll accept that.

Anonymous said...

Wait, we didn't have even a winner of this year, and we think about a "three times Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank?" I don't think Hilary (i like her but...) will win a third Oscar and those are my reasons:

1. A few of this year's contenders goes to the next year:
-Michelle Pfeiffer, "Cheri"
-Natalie Portman, "Brothers"
-Emily Blunt, "The Young Victoria"
-Gong Li, "Shanghai" (Maybe)
-Shohreh Aghdashloo, "The Stoning of Soraya M"
-Emily Watson, "Within With Whirlwind"
-Amy Adams, "Sunshine Cleaning"
-Charlize Theron, "The Burning Plain"
***Sophie Okonedo, "Skin" (I don't know about it)***

2. Finally an Asian Actress will be nominated in Leading Category next year? Very Possible:
-Shohreh Aghdashloo
-Natalie Portman (she's from Israel)
-Gong Li
-Ziyi Zhang "Mei Lanfang" (Or Supporting?)

3. Possible Returns:
-Michelle Pfeiffer
-Emily Watson
-Angela Bassett (If is true the rumor, she's the new lead of "Mamma Black Widow")

4. High profile roles:
-Julie Delpy, "The Countess"
-Rachel Weisz, "Agora"

Michael B. said...

I've heard that The Stoning of Soraya M is getting released this year.

Michael Parsons said...

Nat...what will happen if she is in fact brilliant in 'Amelia'? What if she gives a better performance in that, than La Pfeiffer does in 'Cheri'? What if even you think so...will you keep it to yourself?

What if this time next year you love the Skank?

He he he he he

Kurtis O said...

Yuck. When I watch her speak, I grab my own mouth in fear of vicariously experiencing her face-chewing. You know who else talks like that? Terror-tot Miley Cyrus. Hmm...I have an idea for a little biopic of my own, say, in 2030.

Janice said...

I have got to say that I really don't get the hate (ok, that stuff she blabbed about her ex to Vanity Fair - now THAT was awful), but remember how you said in the "I'm F**king Matt Damon thread" that you wish more stars were willing to make fun of themselves? Ok, here she's doing Ellen but guess what? I thought it was funny. I wouldn't mind seeing more A-listers bust loose, interact with the audience, break out of their little boxes, etc. She looked like she was having fun, so was the audience and so was I. What of it?


hey i said i smiled (for the first part) let that be enough for now... ;) it was already so Wednesday Addams outside the Harmony Hut when the grin cracked my face

Anonymous said...

She's also supposed to take on a very baity role in Betty Ann something. It's a really baity role, and it will be released in 2010

Anonymous said...

Allison Janney did it better when she was on Ellen. Plus, Janney's actually talented, which always helps.

Anonymous said...

think of a better name than beelzebub it's pretty stupid