Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Best Post? A Sisyphian Riddle

When I first heard of He Shot Cyrus's "My Best Post" blog-a-thon (day 3 / day 2 / day 1) I thought 'what an ingenious idea!' That complimentary attitude quickly soured. I no longer pictured him (we've never met) as a saintly shepherd of unheralded writers. I replaced the kindly image with a cackling horned sadist, gleefully punishing the prolific and whipping the self-satisfied.

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth (perhaps in wood engravings?) would ensue. The only people that would find that "best post" choice easy would be new and humble writers! I am neither. Recently, I started collecting Best ofs at the end of each month (you can access old articles from the handy drop down menu on the side). It isn't for bragging purposes. It's more that I suck at organization and I thought it might be a good way to catch lagging readers up, catalogue things I could use for portfolio freelance purposes, or rework for "Best of" collections that I ridiculously fantasize I will one day create, illustrate and then hawk on The Today Show, The Daily Show and David Letterman to the unsuspecting masses who had never before considered what 19 years of thinking about Michelle Pfeiffer every day might do to a man.

I would sell hundreds of millions of copies (naturally!) and buy a spacious loft on the Upper West Side which I would quickly fill with clutter, kitty cats and various mooching houseguests and best friends until space was so limited that I would have to create another mammoth best seller so as to purchase a second loft that I might use expressly for dinner parties and screenings. My newfound fame fortune and social status would lure Kathleen Turner, Pedro Almodovar, Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei, Viggo Mortensen, Marni Nixon and other luminaries I like to obsess over for fascinating conversation and themed screenings ... maybe slumber parties (in which case Note to Self: invite Jake & Jude). I would quickly be invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, becoming the only person ever so invited who has never worked on a movie in his entire life. Dream big, right?

During all of this fabulousity I'd be jotting down notes and planning more blog pieces because UNFORTUNATELY I cannot stop. It's a sickness.

My Best Post Recent Posts I Enjoyed Creating
Personal Canon I'm really proud of all of these but they take a long time to write.
Barbara's Revenge (I like the monologue series)
Manni Peddis with Marcia Gay Harden
27 Dresses (photoshop addict, that's me)
Meryl Streep in A Prairie Home Companion
-this one is special to me.

Kissing Jake Gyllenhaal
"Let Me Tell You Something About Lindsay Lohan"
Clara Bow and the Essence of Stardom
20:07 the series

Old Favorites...
12 Best of 2006
12 Best of 2005


Hayden said...

I still adore your 27 dresses post, if only for the frock Tilda wore in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought you'd give The Wrestler an A-, Nathaniel. Interested to hear your thoughts.

elgringo said...


*sings "Looks like I maaaa-de it"*

My own face edited into a Nathaniel picture! Very cool.

Thanks for the participation and the major shout-out.


grades are subject to change. i'm still mulling it over. definitely want to see again.

James Hansen said...

Haha. I had similar issues picking out the best post so I just picked the post that the most people disagree with and that was relatively well written. Always a good gauge or original thinking with the post that everyone hates. :)

Janice said...

I was going to vote for your "Moulin Rouge tribute" (surprise, surprise) but then it occured to me that wasn't a blog post, so that doesn't count...but if the Actresses of the Aughts is on your ten best of 2006 (or was that '05?) list, and I would have thought that wasn't a blog post either...

So, I would vote for either the Moulin Rouge tribute or the Actresses of the Aughts countdowns if they are eligible.

If not, then the essay about Meryl in Prairie Home Companion would be a sentimental favorite because it actually got me to see the movie, and I still remember it (her perf and your essay) quite fondly.

the one where you wrote about your disappointment with Oscar (the morning after the Crash/Brokeback debacle) was a very fine one as well, even if that's old news and such, it was good writing and probably made me a regular reader of this blog. (along with all the stuff mentioned above.)

Is there a time limit - best post ever, or best post this year alone? Few bloggers have had your staying power, Nathaniel. (Would the BF agree with that assessment?)

PIPER said...

You greedy, greedy man.

I actually struggled with this as well, but not on your scale. You should have posted them all, had people vote on them and then that's the one that goes forward.


Me, I have lots of favorites but the Lindsay Lohan is up there at the tippy top.


evil clown --what's that that michael douglas once said to an oscar win? ____ is good.

at least when it comes to the trivial things such as movies. Not when it comes to politics and the economy of course and the well being of a nation

[this message has been brought to you by an Obama supporter who thinks we need to stop placing corporations before people.]

janice -thank you. i feel so bad that the moulin rouge thing is so long ago now. eep.

Janice said...

I guess I've just kind of given up on that. No use wallowing in guilt because Heaven knows, you give me so much (reading) pleasure on a daily basis. (And at this point, an update would probably give me a coronary and we wouldn't want that, would we?)

Anyway, my votes still stand - any one of those would have been good. (I'm tempted to add any of the "oscar from the inside in" series but since that's a three-way collaboration, I'm not it would count here.)

Janice said...

that last sentence should read "I'm not sure it would count." meh