Friday, October 10, 2008

Foreign Film Oscar Submission List

It keeps growing. The deadline for submissions has passed but, as the Academy has still not announced the "official list" --they need time for paperwork and fact checks you'll understand, we still fill in the blanks. Here's the full list of 53 contenders thus far (with movie posters, links and info). More Oscar updates coming over the weekend.


James Hansen said...

Eric Khoo's "Be With Me" was rejected because it had too much English, I think. I know they have issues with that and remember an English speaking person in the film (haven't seen it since Telluride 05 though, so it's fuzzy.) I hope his new film is as good as "Be With Me" was.

My predictions will change too, but I'll be surprised if BUS 174 and THE CLASS are not nominated. And I really would love to see them go for something non-conventional like THREE MONKEYS, but it is not gonna happen. Oh well...a boy can dream.

Brian Darr said...

Nathaniel, I think you need to add Jordan's entry, Captain Abu Raed.

Unknown said...

The LA Times reports that Georgia's entry is Mediator. South Africa's entry is Jerusalema by Ralph Ziman.