Friday, October 10, 2008

Now Playing (In Only Five Words)

...from least screens to most. Just 'cuz. And because I'm in a Dogme 95 sort of mood, I've imposed a limitation on myself to describe these films in 5 words each, based on their trailers.

Choose Connor Pimply. Political. Smarmy. Tortured. Gay?
Fall of Hyperion Meteors! Cheap. Has-beens. Cable. Gay!
Good Dick Well, duh. Quirky. Independent. Ritter-ific.
Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery Again? Why? Shoestring. Gay-faced Hunk.
Nights and Weekends Soundtrack Free. Navels Observed. Heteronormative.
Saving Marriage
Religious Bigots Vs. Determined Homosexuals.
Lola Montes (this is a reissue of the 1955 classic) Eye Candy! Costumes. Opulence. Bliss.
Happy-Go-Lucky Vera Drake's cheerfulness sans miserabilism?
Breakfast with Scot Gay. Gayer. Gayest. REALLY GAY.

Two Tony Leungs: Chiu-Wai and Ka Fai in the all-star cast
of Wong Kar Wai's Ashes of Time

Ashes of Time Redux
Colorful contemplation. Both Tony Leungs!
Violence. Bare Chested Scenery Chewing.
Talento de Barrio Guns. Rap. Too Many Edits.
Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham Vanilla. Beige. Bill Maher Puking.
Sex Drive 2,635th version of this movie
The Duchess
(it's been out for 3 weeks but... expanding by a 1000 screens) Wigs. Candles. Adultery. Clenched Jaw.
City of Ember
Golden Compass Complicated? Murray Miscast?
Quarantine Paranoid. Derivative "Found Footage"? Sweaty.
Body of Lies Betrayal. Ugly Haired Machismo. Syriana-esque.
The Express (adding 2000 screens) Glossy Inspirational / Interchangeable Sports Bio.

Keira Knightley in the J-Horror remake The Wig That Ate Devonshire

Which will you be seeing this weekend?


Emma said...

Happy Go Lucky is one of the loveliest films of recent years. It's an ambition of mine to be a primary school, and I can only hope that I'd be as chirpy as Poppy is in that movie.

City of Ember looks... interesting. Saoirse will be amazing in it though, natch.

Marcello Talone said...

i'm beginning to accept the fact that i will be the only one who really disliked happy-go-lucky...

Anonymous said...

Saw "The Duchess" it was ok ,although my wife and I grew quite bored in the middle... Keira was very good.. acted with her face...Ralph Fiennes stole the movie.

Catherine said...

I plan to see Nights In Rodanthe and laugh my ass off this Sunday.

Think Blow-Up is showing somewhere, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Remy. That's crazy talk!
Happy Go lucky has to be one of the best movies I've seen this year.

Anonymous said...

I saw both Body Of Lies and Happy Go Lucky today and wasn't impressed with either of them. Body of Lies was of the same quality of The Kindgom and various films of its kind. Happy Go Luck, however, was a different story.

The first hour or so was aggressively annoying yet pretty dry (I fell asleep) but it picked up mid-way through and it ended decently. The overall film just left me feeling stupid for paying eleven dollars to see it. I'm not saying it's a bad film but it's not a very good one either.

Anonymous said...

The comment above is mine.

Anonymous said...

Ashes of Time Redux for sure, the original is Wong Kar Wai and Leslie Cheung's best work. Maggie's cameo is just heartbreaking.

Sally Belle said...

None of the above...I just got Ironman from Netflix.

Ooo...I plum forgot about Ralph Fiennes when I did my Oscar predictions! Damn!

Do you think he has enough good will in Hollywood to get a nomination though?


Fox said...

Ah Nathaniel! (I seem to start a lot of my Film Experience comments with "oh Nathaniel", "ah Nathaniel", "wow Nathaniel" etc... hmmm.) That Keira creature will be circulating around to my friends in a chain e-mail this evening! LOVE IT!

And I will probably be seeing Quarantine and then probably writing a negative review of it.


way to plan ahead Fox.

How many pre-written zingers will apply after the fact? My guess is A LOT. said...

body of lies looks like a rental - syriana channeled through spy game...
saw rocknrolla and happy go lucky in London - both mildly entertaining and flawed, though happy gets extra points for being nice.
the duchess... who cares? really?

the week-end pick, without a doubt... ashes of time redux. Even on a bad VHS copy ten years ago I loved the hell out of it. Beautiful broken-hearted Asian movie stars with samurai swords instead of cigarettes. Wong rocks.