Monday, October 06, 2008

Nathaniel R's Infinite Linklist

Just Jared Nicole Kidman in Elle. (If her hair were truly red again this photoshoot would scream 1990s Kidman)
Lazy Evil Eye Theater "The Current State of Horror: A Roundtable" (hee)
Pop Elegantiarum gets an Eastern Urge
Vimeo this has nothing to do with the cinema but how cool is this "Beached" video from Sydney Australia?
Fabulon Joan Crawford as Crystal Allen. What they said
The Guardian talks to Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski & Tron discussed)
Some Came Running more hype for The Wrestler. I really think it's a mistake to wait until December 19th to release this quiet one but what do I know? I could totally see it benefiting from a critical build in November like, say, No Country For Old Men last year
Defamer It's official: Rosie's getting an hour long variety show on NBC
Boy Culture corrects a soundbite from Desperate Housewives costar Shawn Pyfrom. Love it
Long Pauses "May They Rot in Commentator Hell" I love this. I've been deeply troubled by what passes for punditry on politics on television. I'd actually love to be less partisan than I am but I find it impossible to open up whilst people keep excusing dangerous stupidity with shrugs and spin.

And finally, Rotten Tomatoes has an interesting gallery up for Sleeping Beauty's 50th anniversary. Try to imagine Maleficent with antennas instead of horns. You can't!

I hope to have two movie club posts up later tonight for the musical of the month Cabin in the Sky (ready your posts, musical lovers) and for Final Girl's film club which is doing Joan Crawford's Straight Jacket. I shall try.


PIPER said...

Thanks for the link Nat.

I'm 23% less Evil right now due to this.

And don't forget kiddies to stop by often. There's new stuff up every day. And you can all sit on my lap in my secret crawl space.

Thombeau said...

Thanks for the shout-out, bro!

Fox said...

Will anyone stand with me, hold my hand, and lift it up in the air to once and for all declare that ... (GULP) ... Nicole Kidman is NOT ATTRACTIVE???

p.s. Nathaniel, who is that butch lady in the upper left hand corner of your celebrity square?


evil you're scaring me even whilst functioning at only 77% capacity!
thombeau i delight in fabulon
fox time to double check that prescription.

oh and also: the butch lady is Shawn Pyfrom

Anonymous said...

fox, I can only assume you haven't seen TO DIE FOR.

Janice said...

I thought La Kidman looked fabulous at some recent events (the CMA's with her hubbie in that dove grey maternity dress and the movie awards in London - fabulous) but I saw these the first time last night and didn't even recognize her. Love the green dress, but when did clumpy eyelashes become en vogue? The makeup artist needs to have her brushes taken away and sent back to cosmetology school IMHO.

Fox said...

fox time to double check that prescription.

DAMMIT, Evil Clown! Can't I trust you with any of my secrets??

Mika- I'll give you To Die For, and especially Eyes Wide Shut. I guess I shoula lenghthened that statement to say "NOT ATTRACTIVE anymore.

Alexa said...

Thanks for the mention Nat!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to sound disrespectful, but once you get over the election, you (general you) should cast Sarah Palin for some "Hunting with the Stars", "Survivor" or something like that. She's needing it, badly.


Brian Darr said...

Love the Long Pauses piece too. Here's another recent political insight I particularly like.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, have you seen the film you're riffing on? It's a delight in every way.

John T said...

I should point out that the picture of Pyfrom is making my day-I have a massive crush on him.