Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Linky Bunch

Hollywood Elsewhere Is Benjamin Button an "eight hankie" wonder and the future Best Picture winner?
Springfield Punx pop culture characters, Simpsons style
Hollywood Insider Pitt leaving Aronofsky's The Fighter. Why does Brad keep leaving Aronofsky. Argh
Pop Elegantiarum a split decision on Isabella Rossellini
Awards Daily a cute "Oscar Scratch Off"
Low Resolution is over Mark Wahlberg: The Grumpening
Apartment Therapy Architectural Digest is featuring the homes of both Woody Allen & Diane Keaton in their current issue. It's the late 70s all over again... (not the decor)

Absolute must see:

Glark "Truthful Title Cards" might just be the post of the whole damn week. You television fans should click right over


Anonymous said...

Mark Wahlberg is the man. he does have a sense of humor its just a little sensitive. i've seen him joke about the funky bunch on inside the actors studio. even giving the audience i nice "yea... can you feel it baby?". i'm with him... i just thought it was a stupid snl skit. samberg did the voice ok at best but that was it. why was he talking to farm animals?

Anonymous said...

The Glark link says it's in "Maintenance Mode".


see i love absurdist humor like that. why ask why?

the part i laughed the hardest at was 'i'm going to go over here and talk to this donkey' --as if the dog wanted the play by play! hee


anon --damn. bad timing. Those cards are quite funny.

Anonymous said...

i just read on cinematical hes not really serious.. i think hes gonna go on snl actually


the Glark page is back up --their maintenance was quick

M said...

Most of the cards are brilliant, but I'm slightly offended by the "Pushing Daisies"' one. Hmph.

Anonymous said...

Mark Walhberg redeemed himself last night on "Saturday Night Live" though. Check that out if you haven't yet.

TJ Lyons said...

New blogspot - Check it out.
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