Friday, October 10, 2008

Link-up on South Street

The Bad and the Ugly a new movie record set (love the animated gif)
Spout offers up the 'top 10 product placements in movies.' There's a list for everything
Burbanked on Hollywood's promise to go bigger. Bigger doesn't always mean better
Topless Robot Geek Apparel: Star Wars gone political
Erich Kuersten's One Man Dracula. If you got 10 min
Coffee and Celluloid lists 25 music themed films you haven't seen. Usually when I see that sort of title I think "oh, I haven't, have I?" all smugly. But this time I must admit I've seen less than half the list. Oops
Fist of Blog 'a bit confused, have I got this right?' (political & pointed)
Quiet Earth looks like the most gruesome part of The Road made it into the movie
Anne Thompson The Reader drama continues. Producer Scott Rudin is taking his name off the thing
Television Without Pity a description of 30 minutes of WatchMen footage


Anonymous said...

Is it unsettling to anyone else that there isn't a trailer for The Road yet?

Anonymous said...

I checked that music themed list. 19 out of 25, and Wild Zero is already on my Netflix queue.

Joey said...

Cool, thanks for the music list mention!