Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contest Winners Times Two

I am such a scatterbrain. When I left for DC I neglected to wrap up that Lost Boys 2 contest. And now Tony Leung Chiu Wai is breathing down my neck (I wish) to settle his DVD contest. So here we go... drawing randomly as per usual.

Seoul Raiders "Take Tony Leung Home" Contest Winners
'BeRightBack' from Chicago. Why does he love Tony?
...for the scene in Happy Together that takes place on the rooftop. I mean, there's lots of reasons, and not just in that movie, but that's what I always think of. And this... [see photo, left]
Joanna in San Francisco also won. And why does she heart TLCW?
Because we would wait in the rain to eat noodles with him. We would transform ourselves into an android/sexbot for him , we would wear red kimonos and draw calligraphy in sand all day long for him. If he were a cop, and we ran a food counter, we would break into his apartment and generally improve it in a non-creepy way to help him get over his cheating flight-attendant girlfriend. We would betray our ideals and a taller, hunkier revolutionary, just to have kinky sex with him and look at him longingly over mah-jong tiles.
I love it! I couldn't have put that better myself. Staring at Asia's finest actor puts me in such a state of delirious bliss that I sometimes forget what I'm watching. Seoul Raiders ceased being a popcorn action flick and in my head the movie basically became an abstract gay sex comedy. Oh, like your mind hasn't drifted watching movies. Don't judge!

And as for that ancient Lost Boys: The Tribe contest. The vampiric winners won't mind that I waited so long to post their names. The undead have all the time in the world.

Lost Boys: The Tribe DVD winners
Suzi in Kentucky. I asked what her favorite thing about the original Lost Boys (1987) was and she said Jami Gertz. "She was so pretty and gypsy-like" she shares. Yes! I had the hugest Gertz infatuation myself though Less Than Zero was the peak of my Gertz love.
Kristy in California
. Her favorite thing about the 80s classic this DVD is coattailing? A near tie:
The impeccable use of Echo and the Bunnymen doesn't quite beat out the equally amazing casting of Keifer freaking Sutherland and Edward Hermann. I have an unnatural love for Edward Hermann.
To each their own!

3 Lost Boys: The Tribe Soundtrack winners
Tim in Minnesota, Martin in Tennessee and DK in Austin who shares this memoir:
The original Lost Boys came out my senior year in high school. Jason Patric bore an unlikely resemblance to my (barely) ex-boyfriend, and I fell instantly in love. Couple this with my burning flame of tender teen desire for Kiefer Sutherland, and the movie was really just one big, naive love/sex fantasy for me.

I spent at least a year trying to dress and look like Jami Gertz as Star. To this day, I have a friend who, on occasion will say "what's your name?" and we'll both respond "Staaaaar!" just like Jami did in the movie.
Oh my god! I'm not the only one.

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