Friday, October 17, 2008

Link Six-Pack

In Contention "tech support" look at this year's visual effects race
Daily GreenCine rounds up W. commentary
Low Resolution finds comfort in the smile of a child. Awwww (no, really)
Gold Derby EW's silly "recall the vote" project doesn't fix the Best Actor race of 2003. I personally suspect that if Johnny Depp hadn't polluted his genius creation of Jack Sparrow with redundant second and third go-rounds, everyone would have realized by now that his was the best.
Stale Popcorn 'Black and White Fridays' on The Wizard of Oz. Interesting choice: Keeps Dorothy in "Kansas" for the whole movie, don't it?

Must Read (in case you haven't already)
My New Plaid Pants -has a G-R-E-A-T interview (and it's only part 1. Wheeeee) with the creator of Pushing Daisies, our current favorite thing on TV or thereabouts. Plus: I love pie. Just thought I'd say


Robert said...

That list of 2003 performances leaves off the actual best lead acting performance of 2003...

Peter Dinklage

Joe Reid said...

God, you'd think by now that I'd have learned not to click on Gold Derby links. Bitchiness without good taste is just a terrible combination.

(Thanks for the link to mine, though!)