Friday, October 17, 2008

Pics From the Set of Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock

Thanks to Tony for the tip.

These new photos --which I haven't seen elsewhere online yet though who knows. The web is so vast and fast moving -- taken on the set of Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock were published in a Taiwanese paper. It's difficult to believe (at least for my eyes) but supposedly that's the film's lead actor, comedian Demetri Martin in a cross-dressing scene. Demetri has had quite a ride lately. Popular gigs on The Daily Show will do wonders for the career, no?

Demetri has the lead role as "Eliot Tiber" (the man who wrote the memoirs the film is based on) but his co-stars are pretty rich in filmography. There's Emile Hirsch (recently photographed on the set), Liev Schreiber, Eugene Levy, Paul Dano and even Oscar nominee Imelda Staunton who is playing Demetri's mother.

But how about that Ang Lee? From man on man romance in 1960's Wyoming, to 1940s espionage in China, to the emotionally deadened suburbs in 1970s Connecticutt, to Regency Era romance, to Missouri during the Civil War to, well, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Is there any genre, time frame or milieu that he can't tackle? (If you're shouting out "superheroes" let it go.!) Taking Woodstock will be arriving in 2009 from Focus Features, to capitalize on the 40th anniversary of the legendary rock concert.


Peter Chan said...

i'm waiting for ang lee to do a musical, because i know it'd work. also, demetri martin was oh-so hilarious in his episode of 'flight of the concords'.


i was gonna say. but i figured someone would go there.

musicals. he should totally do it. The musical moment in Lust, Caution was pretty riveting.

Anonymous said...

I AM SO CONFUSED BY THIS MOVIE. Can Demetri Martin act? Will he need to? What exactly did Ang Lee see in him to put him as the central character (even if it is an ensemble?)

I saw Demetri Martin do comedy last Sunday and he was pretty shaky (being a mini-Steven Wright takes practice to look so effortless) and it felt like he had written all his jokes on set.

Michael Parsons said...

I liked 'The Hulk'. Why is it so hated?

He should so do the remake of 'Cabaret' (the dirty version) with Toni Colette and John Cameron Mitchell!

Hayden said...

I haven't really been following reviews, so this may sound like a stupid question: Doesn't Amy Ryan have an Oscarable role/performance in Changeling?

Hayden said...

*I forgot to mention how terribly off-topic that question was. :D


Hayden --well in theory she does as it's a stock character Oscar has loved about a gazillion times in the past (but i don't wanna give any spoilers)

the problem is that she's barely in the movie.

J.D. said...

Demetri Martin is totally amazing. And for the entire production time of this, I've been so amazed he was actually cast. Like, yay Ang Lee?!

RJ said...

I kind of love Demetri Martin so I am excited.

And you can tell it's him. It's in the nose.