Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hump Day Hotties, "M" and "Bond"

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is Dame Judi Dench working both daring cleavage and henna tattoo @ the premiere of Quantum of Solace

My guess: She's been hanging with Dame Minx Helen Mirren. Well, "M" is the original Bond girl in a way. But this is so Quantum of Mirren, is it not?

Oh... I won't deny you a little Daniel Craig, too. But you must always remember that I saw him first. And long before he was licensed to kill at that. I only loan him to the rest of the world now that he's in demand. I'm a giver.

So sexy he hurts ...himself (see far right, also from the premiere). One assumes there are millions who wish to kiss it better.

I would really like Quantum of Solace to be open right now. Not two weeks and some days from now, thank you very much. Can M and Bond ever make that crazy relationship work? You can always cut the tension between them with a knife.

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Michael B. said...

Judi Dench looks FANTASTIC. And I'm guessing the hair is for 'Nine.'

Fox said...

She does look nice. Not as nice as Mirren, but nice... has she had some work on her face? I don't mean that as a slam on her, she just looks suddenly much younger.

And how about some Gemma love, Nathaniel?

p.s. I've finally forgiven you for that Sigourney Weaver inclusion. ;o)

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend looks like daniel craig.

Anonymous said...

*smiles deriously and has to sit down*

and I think I speak for everyone here when i say say:
"Fuck you MrRipley, Fuck you"


P.s. Im joking... but seriously i want his babies.

Janice said...

Yes she had had something nipped and tucked and her jowls tightened (and her hair colored, and maybe lost some weight) and...yowza. I'm all for it if the work is good, and she still looks like a "mature" woman (her skin is still softly textured) but a sexy mature woman. And better yet, she still looks like herself. (Dame Judi, whoever "did" you, please give the phone number to La Kidman.)

abstew said...

um...i know i'm in the minority here and i could possibly be the only gay man in the world to think goes: i don't find daniel craig attractive. i said it.
for me, his 'sexiness' seems so forced and calculated. some people just naturally ooze sex appeal, but i feel as if he wakes up every morning and thinks, 'how can i make it more sexy?'and it doesn't help that he stole zoolander's trademark BLUE STEEL face.

Anonymous said...

i've seen some other yummy pics of daniel i recall he was in a warm bathtub....

Anonymous said...

abstew --- i can only recommend investigating his rough trade work in LOVE IS THE DEVIL or his bearded machismo in THE MOTHER to counter whatever ails your vision at this point. That's what i'm scribbling down on my movie prescription pad for you.

abstew said...

ha ha
thanks for the prescription, doctor. it really is an illness- you should see the looks i get when i tell people. you'd have thought i told them that hilary swank is a beautiful, talented actress...

Anonymous said...

Did La Dench dye her hair? Me likey.

Actionman said...

Blue Steel? I thought it was La Tiegra that Craig was going for. I know it's not Ferrari.

Anonymous said...

"La Dench" looks La Fab!

Just FYI, her fabulous back "tatt" is actually made of glistening faux rubies. I don't doubt that she'd do henna if it was style required here. But them's the sparkly stuff for M this go around.

Dame Judi Dench, 5'-1" and all fire...simply hot stuff!!

Dame James said...

Dame Judi Dench is a saucy little sex kitten...MEOW! Is it bad that she (and the possibility of seeing Daniel Craig in a speedo again) is the only reason I want to see Quantum of Solace

Anonymous said...

I love the look on Dame Judi's face in that photo where Daniel Craig is kissing her hand. It is as if she is about to say "Stop that."

Anonymous said...

To the FYI above.
Almost correct, but actually pretty far off...

Judi happens to be sporting a Swarovski tatt.

Now THAT'S a tatt for a Dame!!!