Monday, October 13, 2008

This Banner is Made For Walking... And That's Just What It'll Do

<--- This is the heavily fetishized foot of one of the world's most beautiful actresses... (unless she used a foot model. You never know with those extreme closeups) But don't rub them! The last guy who rubbed them got thrown off of a fourth floor balcony back in '94!

My feet are aching. Too much street-walking yesterday (Not that kind!) so in honor of my tired feet, a new banner up top. Can you guess all the famous movie feet? Some of them are easy but there's a couple that may stump ya.


RJ said...

Well, the one in this post is Uma and I believe she is also in the banner

Hayden said...

Blanchett in The Aviator, Thurman in Kill Bill, Downey Jr. in Iron Man?, Garland in The Wizerd of Oz, Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada?

I'm not sure about the last one, though I'm sure I'll be *kicking* myself when it's revealed.

Anonymous said...

Frodo from LOTR?


Anonymous said...

Cate Blanchett- The Aviator
Uma Thurman- Kill Bill (Also in the post)
Robert Downey Jr.- Iron Man
Judy Garland- The Wizard of Oz
Sarah Jessica Parker- Sex and the City
Elijah Wood- Lord of the Rings

Chris Na Taraja said...


This is the moment when i realized that Quentin Tarantino probably isn't that good in bed....or, no, I should say, i wouldn't be into it!

Anonymous said...

First one... Baffled
2nd - Uma in Kill Bill
3rd - Iron Man in... Iron Man
4th - best shoes ever in Wizard Of Oz
5th - i KNOW ive seen these before...
6th - Frodo Baggins Of course!

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic well maybe not, you're talking about feet.

Quotes from a board that mainly hates both Britney and Beyonce

"That comes down to opinion. I seriously do not think so.

Britney can (could?) dance circles around Beyonce, IMO."


Compare Britney/Michael's The Way You make me feel performance to Beyonce/Usher bad girl concert performance. THAT is how you work a stage. Without choreography Brit is a lost child. "

"Robot dancing maybe. Britney is not a natural dancer. She needs choreography to look good whereas Beyonce doesn't.

I still remember the madonna performance when Missy Elliot came out to the hip hop track and Britney was twirling around and clapping like a white girl. No natural rythm AT ALL."

"britney cannot dance without choreography. she truly doesn't have much rhythm and she can only do that robot pop-lock type choreography. she's been doing the same type of dancing for 10 years now. i'm not saying beyonce is a magnificent dancer either but she's better than britney."

"Now THAT'S funny!

Brit's all choreo., while Beyonce's is more free style at times(yes she does chreo too) but she does have more fluidity and natural rythm than Britney ever had.

Good lawd, I'm defending Beyonce..... "

Now while I do think Beyonce is overrated. No one is overrated as Britney freaking Spears, I am soo sick of this chick, her music sounds like repetitive computerized crap, she can't sing and she's not a natural dancer. I've been arguing this for years (about the dancing)and finally people agree. Ciara ( She's the best natural and choreographed dancer out of the women nowadays)will shit on Britney in the dancing department and Christina Aguilera will shit on her in the vocal department. Britney looks like she's pushing 40 in that video. Now tell me again why this chick is famous???

E Dot said...

1st - Cate Blanchett in the Aviator
2nd - Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
3rd - "Robert Downey Jr." in Iron Man
4th - Judy Garland in Wizard Of Oz
5th - Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC: The Movie (This outfit wasn't in the movie, might I add)
6th - Elijah Woods in LOTR

Anonymous said...

BTW there were no racial bias going on all af those comments were made by White People, except one that mentioned the Madonna thing.

Fox said...

The only ones I'm POSITIVE on are the very last pair, and those are so obviously Robin Williams's hands!

Anonymous said...

makes me think of meryl in adaptation...

Anonymous said...

Don't have any guesses to add but - awesome post! And made me realize how instantly recognizable Uma's foot in Kill Bill is. What about movie posters that feature feet?


fox you are too much. lol.

hayden is an expert. he got everything right except the white shoes --they aren't hathaway rebecca is right -- it's SJP. I thought Blanchett in Aviator would stump everyone.