Friday, October 31, 2008

October. It's a Wrap

October is my favorite month of every year. Love the weather, the spooky/fun holiday, the transitional feeling as the festive cool season begins. But it hasn't been my favorite month of blogging... I've been pulled in many directions lately and though I haven't exactly been institutionalized or weeping profusely in the movie of my life off-blog like Angie is in Changeling, I do feel like I'm always wearing the same hat, the direction is funereal and the cinematography is inky black. And maybe that's showing up here...

"I want MY blog back"

I'm probably too hard on myself but next month I'm going to try to be more like "Poppy" in Happy-Go-Lucky. She's my new heroine. I dig her worldview. I probably won't be taking up flamenco or trampolining but the truth is I need more good cheer. But anyway... who cares about my personal life -- you're here for THE BLOG.

10 fav bits from October in case you missed any

Women Who Should Star in Grand Guignol Horror Films ~ Inspired by Straight-Jacket (1964) but nobody even commented on my jokey Debra Winger poster [*sniffle*]
Podcast Relaunch I hope it's back for good. You like?
Brad Pitt is a "Basterd" more Tarantino is always good news
"How do you score an orgasm?" one of the joys of guest bloggers (for me) is reading things that I would never have posted / thought of myself. Thanks again to my magic elves
Changeling yes I need to write reviews more often
Eqqqqq! the Broadway revival of Equus with Harry Potter
NYFF Wrap the highlights from a disappointing fest
Cabin in the Sky This MotM was fun, weird and previously unseen
Nick and Norah scattered thoughts about gay in teen movies
The Road
Under Construction
thoughts from a test screening. I had internal drama about posting this. When something is a work in progress always give the benefit of the doubt

Coming in November ~an interview with Sally Hawkins from Happy-Go-Lucky, the long awaited release of Australia, the 10th anniversary of Velvet Goldmine on November 6th (Join the 'Musical of the Month' party on your own blog), Hitchcock's Rebecca (can you believe I've never seen it?!) and more... though the rest will be as much of a surprise to me as to you. I basically have no idea what's coming for the next 30 days. Discover it along with me.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Changeling today ... although I generally like Eastwood's directing pictures, I have to really agree with your review... the movie is quite a mess.. too melodramatic... some poor acting... Jolie is set up in every scene as if she was doing it for an Oscar .. I truly hope she does not get the Oscar nod and take someone's place who really deserves it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Australia.

FYI: favorable reactions to Doubt and all of the performances, and The Reader trailer is up.

Anonymous said...

U haven't seen Rebecca?? For shammmeee Nate. Its Hitchcocks best IMO. And thats a big call.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'll attempt to bring you good cheer in a movie sense. The Playlist is reporting a rumour that Maggie Cheung is to join Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' film. Naturally, no confirmation but pleasing nonetheless given that we thought she had retired.

Also, can't wait for your Sally Hawkins interview.

Glenn said...

I'd suggest you tone down the Poppy outlook because, as I wrote at my blog, people will think you are a freak (like, for instance, the man in the bookshop in the movie).

James Hansen said...

Sally Hawkins interview? Fancy, fancy...

Anonymous said...

nat you are a source of wonderment in my life and feel my life would be a bit emptier without your blog,i am hooked,please look at the world more positively there are great things, i know we all get down and have troubles with the b/f but you have people all over the world who feel they know a little of you and would be upset if this blog disconinued.

chin up,mark - uk.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Nathaniel as ever you do a really great job here. Oh, i know you said what's coming this month wil be a suprise to you and to us well, i remembered that...THING you did (i can't remember what it was called) where you took the best actress nominees from the past 8 years and then graded them in a nice chart and gave an explanation on who you would have nommed in that year etc. Anyway, i think you said you'd do the same with 1990-99 in the fall, though i'm guessing it would probably take an age to do.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get what you want, Nate. A positive look at life is important.

Catherine said...

I'm joining the Film Experience Cheerleading Squad. "Ra! Ra! Ra! *shakes pom-poms* Nathaniel Rogers is a stah! "shakes pom poms*". Seriously, you are way too hard on yourself. This blog is one of the best things about the internet and this past month in particular has been a treat. The return of the podcast, that headscarf post, the Oscar updates, yadda yadda yadda. So many goodies.

And I really cannot believe you've never seen Rebecca! You've such a treat in store.

Oh, and whatever happened to Touch of Evil? Is that still on the cards at all? (No pressure, obviously).


Awww you're all so sweet. i just really wanted to say "i want MY blog back" is all. stupid joke ;)

but i appreciate the support. comments are so lovely because writing can feel so lonely without feedback.

anon --i do plan on more retrospectives. I'm just debating about how to approach. but it's something i love doing so we'll see.