Thursday, October 09, 2008

Toni Checks Her Make-Up

Yep, still fabulous!

[Psssst. I haven't mentioned this at all, despite my Collette fixation, because I'm so nervous about it -- cross your fingers that Showtime strikes gold here -- but doesn't it have the potential to be all kinds of multi-orgasmic?]


ryansumera said...

in diablo cody we dont trust. lucky for her, collette makes anything watchable (yes, i'm talking to you, nia vardalos!)

Jason Adams said...

I had to look at that picture several times to even see a glimmer of Toni there; she looks so different. But yes, fabulous.

And yeah, I too hope the show's a knock-out. It also seems greedy, getting a full hour of Toni Collette every week, ya know? Like we're not worthy.

thales said...

See, I actually think it's a smart move for Diablo Cody to work on a TV show. It suits her material better and will allow her to improve her craft working within a routine.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I can't resist watching "Connie and Carla" every time it comes on TV. I do hope that Colette's character's identity dilemmas make her burst out in song.