Friday, October 24, 2008

Paging Miss Cleo

JA from MNPP here. I know Nat doesn't often do stories on Breaking News!-type topics, but I just cannot resist hearing what y'all have got to say on this bit from today's Variety:

"For his next directing effort, Steven Soderbergh is plotting a 3-D live-action rock ’n’ roll musical about Cleopatra.

He is courting Catherine Zeta-Jones to play the Egyptian queen and Hugh Jackman to play her lover, Marc Antony.

... The music has been written by the indie rock band Guided by Voices, and the script is by James Greer, a former bass player for the band and an author."

I literally opened my calendar to check the date upon seeing this news to make sure it wasn't April 1st. That is the oddest thing I have read in quite some time.

What do we think? Genius, or this-movie-will-devour-us-all- and-implode-the-very-fabric-of-space-and-time?


Anonymous said...

I don't know about genius, but it definitely sounds interesting. I'd go see it. Maybe Oliver Stone should have done that with Alexander (my personal favorite historical personage).

Trey said...

Aren't Guided by Voices broken up?

abstew said...

pair this CLEOPATRA film (CLEO! NOW IN 3-D! THE MUSICAL!) with REPO! THE GENETIC MUSICAL and you have the best. double. feature. ever.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea because it sounds really crazy... I feel obligated to give it a chance.


is hugh jackman like 25 and wearing rouge in this photo. inquiring minds want to know (though i love the black on white photo companions)

Anonymous said...

I think this is the most exciting movie news in quite some time!!
Catherine Zeta gets another chance to show the world that they should be kissing her feet, and Jackman is one of the most fun actors to watch.
And singing!
And in 3D!
And a new shot at CLEOPATRA!!
What's not to love.
Brave. Bold. Risky.
It's what movies SHOULD be all about and what we all continue to hope for.

Sally Belle said...

I too love Zeta-Jones...but, isn't she a bit old to play Cleopatra? And the wrong ethnicity?


Sally Belle said...

Oh...never's a retelling.

That's what I get for not reading the whole post.

Bad me.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this sound almost exactly like that movie within DREAMGIRLS Curtis was forcing Deena to star in? Beyone or Sasha or whatever the hell she's going by this year is gonna be pissed!


Anonymous said...

I'd absolutely jump for joy if Zeta Jones got another opportunity - and Jackman got his first proper opportunity - to strut their song and dance thing on the big screen.

Whatever interesting work I see from either in most movies, I always feel like mainstream audiences are being denied half their appeal.


Anonymous said...

[i] is hugh jackman like 25 and wearing rouge in this photo. inquiring minds want to know [/i]

He is actually 35 here and rouge is very possible because this photoshot's been done around the time of Boy from OZ


Great point VAL

Steven said...

All I know is that I love those two pictures posted here. Quite hot! :)


Michael Parsons said...

So bad it is genius

Chris Na Taraja said...

This sounds like a disaster or some sick joke...then again, that's what I said about rent, the first time I heard Johnathon Larsons self made tapes in 1995...who knew?

John T said...

I think it sounds, well, awesome-even if it's awesome in a bad way, I'm going to this thing.

Jason Adams said...

I just hope Cleopatra wears roller skates.