Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rocks the Vote (+ Proposition 8)

Defamer informs that this political memoir is from the young actor (he does not appear)

Can't agree with everything said here -- or the illusion that no politicians before Obama were worth caring about (huh?) -- but I enjoy it when actors get political. I've never understood why people think it's so wrong that entertainers speak out. They're citizens too.

In some ways mega-wealthy slightly left-leaning celebrities are our only hope. Massive corporations and massive churches are often right leaning and they're not shy about throwing their moneys and volunteers behind evil divisive movements. Think of the extremely wealthy Mormon church (and/or other right wing faith organizations) which has an endless bigotry-friendly pocket book to give to Proposition 8 in California. [That religious political machines don't have to pay taxes is one of truest victories for Pure Evil in this world --but that's a topic for another blog. -ed] Hollywood also has deep pockets and to quote Cabin in the Sky (our musical of the month) "sometimes you've got to fight the devil with a pitchfork" This is why Ellen DeGeneres and other gay-friendly celebs are asked to pick up the funding slack for civil rights causes. Apparently after Brad Pitt publicly donated people expected a lot more lower ranking stars to do the same. Now, it's not really fair to expect Ellen DeGeneres to fight tax exempt hate machines all by her lonesome. It's not like Jodie Foster is going to say, "here's $10 million from Cydney and I to counter the anti-gay hate. Here ya go!" It's not like Madonna is obsessed with gay anymore. She isn't giving it 2 good Californians either. Now celebs have to pay taxes like the rest of us. They have to budget too --they're just working with so many more zeroes tacked on to the dollar figure. And their pockets aren't as deep as any of these faux-Christian "churches" (what? Christ was not about the hate. Wake up religious types. Your churches would consider him dangerous were he to re-appear and spout that peace and love and 'judge not!' nonsense again. He'd be overturning the inhouse coffers and screaming at the hypocrites, NOT obsessing on gay people. Wake up!) but still: good for the ones who put their money where their mouth is. Rock the Vote!

Here's a "NO" on proposition 8 featuring various celebs (mostly TV actresses) & Madonna's political interlude @ the "Sticky & Sweet" Tour



Janice said...

But Madge, people have to have some education and intelligence and interest in the world to be able to form a cogent opinion in the first place. Any bigot has an "opinion" and a very strong one (and they are not afraid to say what's on their minds); an informed opinion is another matter entirely.

Joe Reid said...

"featuring various celebs (mostly TV actresses)"

I think I can actually SEE the words turning to ash in your mouth. :-) Sara Ramirez and Camryn Manheim (who looks good) were badass enough for a dozen movie actresses, and Carolyn Hennesy is a representin' for ABC Daytime, so that was cool. And Heather Matarazzo and her doppel-girlfriend!

As for JGL, I totally love him, and if he represents a whole lot of formerly disaffected people who are now going to vote for Obama, then that's awesome. But in general that attitude of "all politics/politicians are bullshit" is wearying and immature to me. But, yes, better to have these voices heard than not.



sorry about the ash-mouth syndrome. it's actually the opposite. I am like WHERE ARE THE MOVIE GIRLS? represent!

so good on the tv women.

why is Brad Pitt one of the only vocal here? Shouldn't there be more civil rights friendly movie titans speaking out (even if they can't/won't donate huge sums to combat the Mormons)?

oh and also apparently Steven Spielberg gave as much as Brad. but I'm hoping HOllywood rallies before the election cuz that shit (prop 8) is ridiculous.

Amy said...

The whole "activist celebrity" thing pisses me off. Shouldn't people vote with their head and not because some celebrity tells you to?

I have nothing against political advertisements that tell you to vote or not vote for someone, but using a celebrity figurehead just grosses me out.

Joe Reid said...

But we listen to a lot of people advocate for one candidate or another. Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Walter Cronkite, Bill Clinton, et cetera. None of them are speaking from any position other than private citizen, really. Same as you or me. They're just in the position to reach more people. The amount of weight we choose to give to their advocacy is up to us.

John T said...

I've always been onboard with all of the celebrities speaking their mind. And I'm glad you mentioned that Spielberg & Kate Capshaw donated-bravo to both of them!

And I'm glad that you called out the politicians worth caring about thing as well-there have been multiple politicians that have been extremely to people in the past (Al Gore springs to mind). Obama is a different kind of politician, and I think will make a fine president, but there have been others that have been excellent before him, and I pray, others who will be excellent after.

Seeing_I said...

I will gladly do anything Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells me.