Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got Link?

StinkyLulu Oscar Smackdown 1976: teen hookers, religious kooks, and women scorned
Towleroad Interesting. James Schamus (of Focus Features) responds to that Hollywood Reporter article I linked to yesterday on Milk's marketing campaign
Hot Blog
wowed by Milk
CHUD How far we haven't come since the days of Harvey Milk
MetaCafe you have approximately two weeks to make a 30 second commercial for Australia (the movie) and win a trip to NYC and Australia. Go...
Wired on flailing third parts and Chris Nolan's hesitation re: Batman³ (which is actually Batman8... so relax, fella)
Thompson on Hollywood campaigns for golden boys begin: first up WALL•E & The Dark Knight
Oscar and the City a poll regarding and a shot from the set of next year's musical Nine
MTV Huh? Robert Pattison (Twilight) as Salvador Dali?

and to sign off on this Milk-y link roundup, here's Diego Luna and Emile Hirsch at last night's premiere @ the Castro


abstew said...

when daniel day-lewis joined NINE my heart skipped a beat...daniel plainview singing? brilliant. and then they started announcing the rest of the cast: penelope cruz-calienete! marion cotillard-tres bien! sophia loren-legendary! nicole kidman-YES! judi dench-there is certainly a golden theme going on here. kate...hudson-wait...what? surely that's the wrong kate. and then, fergie-okay, now. what the hell? with that genius bit of casting, my dreams of a trailer with every actor proceeded by an 'academy award winner/nominee...' were gone forever.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO fucking excited/nervous for word on MILK to start trickling in next mouth.

Is it Best Picture/Directing material?
If so, can it win?
How will the outcome of Prop. 8 affect its Oscar potential?

I hate to sound pre-mature but it looks like Rourke is gonna snatch the Oscar regardless of how amazing Penn is. I watched the clip with Evan Rachel Wood and from that alone- knowing Oscar voters- I think it's a done deal. Sigh.

I just hope we don't have a Helen-Mirren-"Queen" situation with the critics.

Thanks for the awsome prediction updates Nat.

Robert said...

Hooray for Milk. I really think this is gonna be the film to beat this year.

Sure, Brokeback exposed homophobic elements in the Academy. How much? Don't know, but if the voting was as close as I think it was, it didn't need to be much (sudden thought: how much would it bug people if any of the 3 other movies beat Brokeback? I mean, it's still homophobia, but at least a good movie would have still won.)

Eeenyhoo, I'm saying that a movie celebrating the life of a heroic American is still easier to vote for than one challanging the concept of the Western male. Should it be? No... but this is AMPAS we're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel... 2 critical questions:

1.) I’m really having trouble buying into “Slumdog” snagging Pic/Directing noms. In a nutshell, why do truly see it as such a strong contender. And who is safer; Boyle or his film?

2.) I admire your sticking by the DARK KNIGHT in the top categoriers. But what about the jealousy factor- something that no doubt coast Spielberg a nom for JAWS. That said, who do you think is safer: Nolan or his film?


I think Nolan is safer than the film... because i was one of those who believed that he already had fans in the director's branch BEFORE the dark knight. I don't think he was that far away from a nod with Memento and everyone loved Batman Begins too. PURE SPECULATION mind you but i've always felt that other directors were into him.

the reverse i'd say is true of Boyle. He's not someone they've been aching to recognize and Slumdog could be one of those one-offs that they love in the Heart way but don't feel the need to reward in a ton of areas.

Obviously it's still early for any of this. Especially since the studios all decided to wait for November/December this year. Is it just me or are the Oscars always duller in the years that all the films wait until thanksgiving/christmas. I've always loved the Oscars as a spectactor sport but the truth is that when the season is only 1 or 2 months long (December-January basically though we pretend dutifully that it's September-February) it's just more boring than it needs to be.

I wish i loved sports because at least they have the good community friendly sense to play the game for months on end before an ultimate winner is chosen.

abstew said...

everyone on every entertainment blog in the universe is talking about MILK today. did you see this comment from jeffrey wells at hollywood elsewhere:
"I felt a genuine gayness from Sean Penn, who plays the title role of the late San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk, that I didn't think he had in him."
what does that even mean? genuine gayness?


i have no idea. ha ha

although i know disingenuous gayness when i see it ;)