Monday, January 26, 2009

We Have Nothing to Link but Link Itself

DListed Sophia & Daniel on location for Nine
A Room of One's Own "youth" in cinema
Coraline I love this new teaser with author Neil Gaiman (if you've never read his books, start doing so now. That's an order!)
/Film "extra pulp" t-shirts. I love
In Contention Oscar Race. Phase Two.

Trust Movies appreciates Michael Sheen (well, someone has to)
Buzz Sugar Sundance awards roundup
Defamer Michael Cera is the lone holdout for the Arrested Development movie?
Out in Hollywood talks to the producers of Milk

off cinema (just cuz it needs to be shared)
fourfour and the entitled homeless woman
i09 interesting piece on Battlestar Galactica. Is it still relevant in Obama America? (Though, isn't it a little early to be defining the Obama era? He's only been in office a few days)


Anonymous said...

I just read the link that shows the picture from Nine, and it stood som bad things about Nicole.
Why does EVERYBODY seem to hate Nicole nowadays, so what if she done 2 really critical panned movies (Bewitched, Stepford Wives), many think she is overpaid but she actually only got $6000 i think for Margot at the wedding.

And she hasn't got so many box office boms, the only one was practically The Invasion, all the others got great box office International like Australia and The Godlen Compass.


well, it happens to all actresses at some point or another (or most of them). People are haters ;)

give it time and you'll see just about every celebrity torn to shreds during their career (people even hated Meryl for awhile in the early 90s -- she got a lot of flak for complaining about female actors making less then man and everyone would make fun of how poor she was making millions a movie)

it's the nature of celebrity

Anonymous said...

It is really harsh but i think the only solution is to take a looooong hiatus, which i think she's already doing.

By the way am i the only one who can't accesss the in contention site? I've not been able to go on it for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see set pics of Legend Kidman!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Michael Cera holding out on the "Arrested Development" movie.

THANK GOD! I love AD, but I don't want it to be made into a movie. It was absolutely perfect as it was and never dipped in quality, so why risk making a film that might not be very good? Plus, I don't want to give non-watchers the chance to jump on the bandwagon. If they didn't watch it at the time, then they don't deserve to now.

I haven't liked Michael Cera in anything since "Arrested Development", but this move has bumped him up in my estimation.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else have problems entering In Contention? I haven't been able to see it since the day after the Oscar noms.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed something, but there does not appear to be a link associated with "off cinema". Or was that the point, as an artistic statement?

Anonymous said... it. It's a section title. My bad.

John T said...

Neil Gaiman won the Newberry Award today!

Anonymous said...

I like Michael Sheen. I wish he'd received some love for Frost/Nixon. He is indeed a "worthy opponent" to the hammier Frank Langella. Oh well. Another year, I suppose.

FranklinBluth said...

If I have never read a Neil Gaiman book, which one would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathaniel!

THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by Neil Gaimon just won the 2009 Newbery Medal today! (This award is generally reserved for the best in children's literature, making it one of the most prestigious honours in the literary world.)

Evidently the following is a quote from Neil on the web:


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Neil. He said pretty much the same thing during his acceptance speech when he won the Hugo for his novel "American Gods" a few years back in San Jose.

Hayden said...

Just random Winslet thought:

It's interesting how the same people who defensively insisted that Winslet was supporting in The Reader (back in her Rev Road days) are now waving the "Kate Winslet FTW" flags. They were so passionate about The Reader's category placement but I guess that doesn't matter anymore.

adam k. said...

I personally think a case can be made for either category. It's one of those rare "right on the line" situations" to me. Supporting seemed unfair to the other women who have much less screentime. But lead now seems a bit unfair to Winslet, I think, since her part really isn't fleshed out as much as most film-carrying lead roles (i.e. her competition).

But she'll probably win anyway, so whatever.

I actually kinda wish her Rev Road performance had been nommed here, as I actually loved it more. But since it had little chance of winning, I suppose I'm glad The Reader took over. I actually wasn't rooting for Winslet to win supporting, but now I'm rooting for her to win lead. I guess I just really want Penelope Cruz to win. And there's no other perf I'm particularly passionate about in lead (though I haven't seen some of them), so I'm happy to let Winslet have it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nathaniel-- I wondered why my blog had been accessed soooooo many times yesterday (more than ever on a single day in its short history!). Turns out it was your linking to it. So thanks! Even if you are NOT a Michael Sheen fan. Though, until you've seen one of those earlier films I mention, your opinion cannot legitimately count! Sheen is so much more than a Tony Blair impersonator. (Or, for that matter, a werewolf impersonator.)

This is also the first time I've encountered your blog. Is this maybe what David Denby means by "snark"? Still, it -- and you -- ARE fun -- with a lot of intelligent points rasied amidst the gossip and blather. Keep it up!


i actually like Michael Sheen so i was just being "snarky" as you say

hope he gets better or -- scratch that -- i hope he gets something other than "thankless" roles soon

Anonymous said...

how sad....sophia loren has hit that horrible time in a woman's life when she has the dreaded....MAN FACE.

Anonymous said...

So have you seen Sheen in Dirty Filthy Love, Heartlands or Music Within. I doubt it somehow. These roles are not thankless- even if the films did not break the box-office bank. Let's talk again after you've viewed Sheen do his stuff in any one of these films.