Monday, January 04, 2010

She and Him. The Cuteness of Zjoooey

It occurs to me that The Cute Hierarchy must be adjusted yet again to honor the most adorable screen couple of 2009: Zjoooey. I hereby dedicate this week of blogging to them!

"Why do you let me stay here?"

The summer gem (500) Days of Summer wasn't quite enough to unsettle the top tiers of cute. But once combined with the force of their dance moves in the She and Him video (above), small animals with ginormous eyes everywhere were quaking in fear in 2009. So Much Cuteness. Who can compete?

The other big shakeup: After decades in the top ten, chipmunks finally fall off the list altogether, their plump cheeked reputation forever tarnished by Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel [shudder]

1. baby kittens
holding down the top position since 1938 when Shirley Temple was vanquished
2. dolphins (+8)
they're all the rage again

3. puppies
4. baby seals
5. babies
6. otters (-4)
7. cupcakes
8. bunnies
9. WALL•E's Hello Dolly obsession (+5)
10. Hugh Dancy (new entry)

11. dimples
12. baby ducks in a line following their mama (-3)
13. Zjooey
14. unexpected gifts from loved ones
15. Australian accents
16. rainbows
17. Carey Mulligan (especially in the rain) (+6)
18. "The Lonely Goatherd" (+12)
what? Sound of Music was on the tube the other day

19. Natalie Wood in Miracle on 34th Street (+30 ...typical holiday spike)
20. screwball comedy
21. pomeranians
22. bunny slippers
23. Meryl Streep and Steve Martin smoking weed (new entry)

24. Amy Adams (-11)
25. ice cream cones


Dean said...

What happened to anthropomorphic fruit???
This is devastating news.

Ryan T. said...

Awesome. I love the new additions!

Anonymous said...

Да уж. По поводу коментариев - навеяла на меня где-то услышанная фраза:
Это мы разрешили немецкие фильмы и запретили грузинские вина...


what he said!

KTibbs617 said...

#23. YES!!! And let us not forget Alec Baldwin shotgunning John Krasinski in the batroom scene. priceless.

Jeff said...

Zjoooey! so cute best screen couple of 2009!
I loved the Hugh Dancy mention, could he be any more cute! I want to hug him, and maybe kiss him too...

Carl said...

Amy Adams falling eleven spots is only understandable if you have not watched her recently. I got re-acquainted via my "Enchanted" DVD over the holidays and do not suffer from this limitation. Watch it again and see if she stays at 24.

Anonymous said...

Are australian accents cute?

I'll see what people say to me when I come to New York.

Joe Reid said...

Kimberly! Yes! What the hell...that was so weirdly sexual. Probably because Alec was in perma-leer mode that whole movie.

Anonymous said...

Why did otters drop 4? Shocking!!

BrianZ said...

Interview Hugh Dancy a few months back when he is was doing press for Adam. Very nice guy and a lot shorter than I thought he'd be too.

Christine said...

I don't know, Zooey Deschanel kind of lost me with her "I have a wheat allergy" appearance on Top Chef.

Also, no cute will ever be better than the "Lonely Goatherd" scene in Sound of Music. I'm pretty sure every child in the world longed for that puppet set. "Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo"

John T said...

Takeshi Kaneshiro isn't on this list? How?!?!?!

Michael B. said...
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Jim T said...

"Smelly cat" is cute in its creepiness.

I think Dancy is in every complimentary list of yours, isn't he? Deserving, no doubt :)

Anonymous said...

What about those soot balls from spirited away? I think they're adorable¡

Ian said...

emily blunt and rupert friend! best screen couple of the year

Anonymous said...

happy for Zjoooey! But what happened to Sally Field? She doesn't have lots of supporters, so let the ones that remain stick with her!

Michael B. said...

Amy Adams is gonna drop off the list whenever Leap Year opens. I've seen it and it sucks, big time. Really, really bad move Amy.

Poppy said...

Is it bad that I think babies are....kinda.....ugly?


Dean -- they were eaten!

John T -- #26. he's getting older so sometimes the ubersexiness takes over which is different than cute.

anon 8:31 --- soot balls! GOOD CHOICE. Must rewatch Spirited Away soon.

Andrew K. said...

What happened to the meerkats? I thought you found them endearing?
Carey Mulligan...especially in the rain.
I'd put Rosamund Pike as Jane Bennett too, maybe [Helen's too dim]

And so loving your crush of the week: Julie&Christopher. Isn't that the best song in the score? I know it's my favourite part of the movie.

Anonymous said...

Bad news:

Crazy Heart score wasn't submitted for consideration. Karen O's score for Where the Wild Things Are was disqualified, and it seemed to be heading towards a nod... It sucks when this happens (There Will be Blood, The Dark Knight)

Hayden said...

I saw It's Complicated last night and hated it. Anyway, great list. I'm glad to see Mr. Claire Danes made the list, you know how I love her.

And as a shameless personal plug, I'm blogging again. Wheeeeeee.

Danny King said...

Haha, Carey Mulligan in the rain. I'll give in to that one!

Anonymous said...

What about pugs? I love them with their scrunched up faces.

Michael Parsons said...

Kittens will always be tops.

FrenchGirl said...

i'm ok on baby kittens but the rest no!

Chris Na Taraja said...

OMG someone just told me that he planned a second honeymoon with his wife...they are going to swim with Dolphins!!! Apparently, that is cute.

magicub said...

Oh, we need more Amy Adams.