Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You BeLink With Me

DVD Beaver Bright Star is on its way to you... and just as beautiful as ever
<--- Neil Gaiman's Journal at the Golden Globes with Amanda Palmer ... I love them both but it's so funny to me how people as famous as Neil Gaiman -- who's written how many bestsellers now? -- get labelled "and guest" when the paparazzi snap away
ChexyDemical James Cameron... and Susan B Anthony?
Towleroad RIP Kate McGarrigle, wonderful musician and mom to the brilliant Rufus Wainwright. So sad
NY Times Avatar as rorschach test for what people happen to be thinking about these days
Stale Popcorn I absolutely love this ode to Mo'Nique in Precious. She really is an awesome terminator.
Guardian a funny bit on Mariah Carey's post-drunken awards season business venture
Against the Hype tweet-length reviews, a bunch of perceptive ones
Justin Bond to host a rare screening of Ken Russell's blasphemous The Devils (1971) on Monday in NYC. Who is going? Send me a full report.

Cinema Blend Channing Tatum to become a stripper again? Oh, Katey, you delight me with news
And the Winner Is...
Scott Fienberg interviews the lovely Anne Hathaway about Valentino The Last Emperor! --->
Flick Filosopher's top ten list. MaryAnn always has a strong point of view. It occurs to me that i never did my top ten list. What is wrong with me this year season? Don't answer that!

I know what's wrong with me today: I've had packing anxiety (leaving for Utah tomorrow) and terribly slow and vexing computer issues today -- hence delays in posting and more awardage -- so I'll leave you with this video of a song I have loved for years "Hard Times" with Kate McGarrigle and family (including Rufus). I've loved this song ever since Mare Winningham and Jennifer Jason Leigh sang competing versions in Georgia (1995) so I've included that, too. God, Mare Winningham is so great in that movie. Have you seen it?



Jim T said...

Barbara Stanwyck is not hysterical in Double Indemnity!! I mean, that's what he meant right? The Against the Hype blogger, that is.

By the way, what about the Say What contest?

Anonymous said...

Eh, Anne Hathaway has to be one of the most pretentious young stars... she's so off-putting to me. I would almost say a snob. Her entire awards run in 2008 was so capricious - molding to whoever was sitting next to her... always so "grateful for the chance to be here" and blah blah blah. Annoying campaigning in my book. And at the newsweek roundtable? She went on for decades about her "stardom" and how famous she now is - next to Rourke, Pitt, and Downey Jr. no less. Meh, I'll stop talking now.

Robert Hamer said...

God DAMN I love Jennifer Jason Leigh!

KID said...

Are you going to do your top 20 most anticipated films of 2010?

Treadway said...

Nathaniel, what would we do without you?? That combo of Hard Times (and I mean ALL: Winningham, Leigh, McGarrigle, Rainwright) was indeed the most beautiful thing I saw or heard all day...

Connor said...

Oh, I love hard times. there is an incredibly beautiful choral arrangement of it by Craig Hella Johnson that Texas All-State Choir did last year. You should listen to it.

sammyray said...

Yeah, I had trouble coming up with a top ten films of 2009 as well.

Today I finally sat down and tried to fill out my Oscar ballot. It looks a little like this:

Glenn Dunks said...

Martha > Rufus, just fyi :)

Thanks for the link and the kind comments!

Anonymous said...


I see you chose Sandra over Meryl at SAG prediction. So now you're on Sandra's team, I believe.

Check this out:

Sandra Bullock, "The Blind Side" — Howell, Fine, Lumenick, Rogers, Stone, Travers, Walton, Wloszczyna

Helen Mirren, "The Last Station"

Carey Mulligan, "An Education"

Gabourey Sidibe, "Precious"

Meryl Streep, "Julie & Julia" — Adams, Brevet, Davis, Feinberg, Gaita, Hammond, Karger, Lodge, Musto, O'Neil, Pond


ANON -- predictions are not preferences. I am most certainly not on Team Sandra ;)

I like Sandra Bullock just fine. I enjoy seeing her in movies. She's cute and talented. But she's not THAT talented to be an "award worthy" player.

Anonymous said...

but you still predicted her, anyway! lol


Treadway -- glad to hear it.

that song makes me tear up. who else loves Mare Winningham in Georgia... that voice!

I heard her sing once on stage too and just beeyootiful