Saturday, March 13, 2010


creativity is not a waste of time
Laz Marquez amazing freshly imagined Hitchcock movie posters [heads up]
The Awl a conversation about Lady Gaga's "Telephone"
Gallery of the Absurd Lindsay is a "milkaholic"
Very Important Pixels how great are these simple movie director drawings? You can recognize them instantly!
Pop Eaters Mad Men dolls? Me want

Self Styled Siren on Merle Oberon and her hidden mother
Old Hollywood 'subtle moments in American cinema' with Jayne Mansfield
If Charlie Parker... two bitches

oscar night
Towleroad more lingering (gay) questions from Oscar night
The Hot Blog has a few (harsh) words on the media's reaction to Farrah Fawcett's absence from Oscar's 'In Memoriam'. I personally think she should have been included since Michael Jackson was. I mean if we're opening it up to celebrities who weren't movie stars, shouldn't they be treated equally?

coming soon
The Big Picture Leonardo da Vinci, action hero. Oh dear
I Need My Fix Dakota & Kristen premiere The Runaways. In hideous clothing.
V Magazine The Art of Being Kirsten Dunst (Can we expect a comeback? *crosses fingers*)
LA Times more females behind the scenes in Hollywood? We can hope. It's still VERY much a boys club

the state of moviegoing

LAist I have shushed people in movie theaters. Fortunately I've never been stabbed with a meat thermometer for doing it
Erik Lundegaard statistics on moviegoing for the past 100 years. Crazy how the attendance is the same but the population has grown enormously. The 70s had the least amount of moviegoing. No wonder all those great directors got away with so much.


Unknown said...

I was going to comment on the Towleroad link itself but I'm more likely to check back here later.

Your point about a lack of attention for openly gay talent at the Oscars is a good one. But I've been wondering how significant some of these firsts are. How significant is it that Geoffrey Fletcher became the first black writer to win? Will it be (or was it) relevant when the first black sound mixer wins? The racial barrier for Hollywood appreciation was broken in 1940 so how relevant was Halle Berry's win even?

I fully realize that the amount of awards for black talent is just now evening out to be proportionate with production but it feels like we're grasping for straws to make Hollywood trailblazing again

Robert said...

re: Meat thermometer: Yikes. I've thrown popcorn at someone in the movies before. An overreaction... perhaps, but he was texting for 15 minutes.


Casey -- that's a very good point.

And the first are now just more indicative of people getting work. The vast majority of people probably don't know what the screenwriters look like and where they hail from when they vote on "screenplay" you know?

Ryan T. said...

I sometimes wonder what it will take (or how long will it take) for Kirsten Dunst to grab an Oscar nomination.

Then I realized... oh wait, not before Drew Barrymore!

Jason Adams said...

That picture of Jayne Mansfield is HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel!!, i would like to spend a whole day with you talking about N.Kidman and J.Moore

Jude said...

Jude Law hosting SNL tonight!


anon 1:48 -- ANYTIME! although they kinda both require a full day. ;)

Jude -- thanks for heads up

jahs34 said...

You could argue that Michael Jackson was nominated for an Oscar, not sure if he won.

James T said...

I love Gaga but I thought this video was just too much. I think she is toning it up video after video.

It was fun. nevertheless, and I liked how Beyonce played with her "good girl" image.

notanotherblog said...

I shush my friends in movie theatres all the time. This guy's a bigger movie buff than me but for some reason that big rule escapes him.

And how good was Jude Law? Although it's a friend's birthday, I can't believe I was in a bar instead of watching Jude Law on SNL.

And Beyonce looked like she genuinely liked working with another person in that video. When was the last time that happened?