Thursday, June 22, 2006

The A to Z of ... Meryl Streep

Today marked the 57th birthday of America's most celebrated living actress, Meryl Streep. My Meryl month isn't really turning out as I'd hoped (new job. no time. etc...) and I had planned an extensive celebration of many things La Streep on her birthday. Here is a meager attempt.

A is for Accents. In the 80s her nationality changed every film.
B is for Bette Davis who felt Meryl was her successor as the greatest actress.
C is for "Click. Click. Click" Kate Hepburn's rude quip about Streep's acting.
D is for Death Becomes Her Watch Streep's hilarious "Me" song
E is for Evita She wanted the role that Madonna got.
F is for Filming. Simply Streep has photos from Dark Matter set.
G is for Gummer, her husband and children's last name.
H is for Humble. Anyone else with her status in the industry...
I is for Ironweed. She and Jack are both superb.
J is for Julia her film debut in 1977.
K is for Kids. She has four of them with Don Gummer.
L is for Laughs. Best known for drama but she's also seriously funny.
M is for Married. Her 28th anniversary with Don Gummer is in Sept.
N is for Natalie Portman. Globes 2004: "Congratulations... Natalie!"
O is for Oscar. She's been nominated 13 times, winning twice.
P is for Plenty. One of her best and least seen star turns.
Q is for Queen Ant, her character in the animated film Ant Bully
R is for Raves. ModFab gives her her millionth.
S is for Sophie the character that made her legendary.
T is for Theater. She hasn't done much since the late 70s.
U is for Upcoming Films. Her plate is full. Seriously: look.
V is for Vocals. She sings superbly in four of her films.
W is for 'Walk of Fame'. She got her star in '98.
X is for X ratings. She hasn't been in any. (Hey, it's X. I'm grasping)
Y is for "You Don't Know Me" -god, she sings beautifully.
Z is for zzzzz because I have to catch some instead of playing on the computer. You know I'm swamped when a post like this has no photos.


Anonymous said...

T is for Theater - As in, her performances coming up in August at NYC's Shakespeare in the Park, playing the title role in MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN, directed by George C. Wolfe.

Glenn Dunks said...

"E is for Evita She wanted the role that Madonna got."

Now that could've been interesting.

By the way, I got one for X

X is for the number of Best Actress Academy Award nominations she has (ie; 10)

I couldn't, however, think of one for Z. The closest I got was (A)zaria Chamberlaine - her dead daughter in Evil Angels/A Cry in the Dark.

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh. I'm so stupid.

Z is for Sophie Zawistowski.

God, I wish they'd release that on DVD here. I'm adament the DVD studios are trying to make me go all Blanche DuBois of their asses.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kate Hepburn on this one. (That description also applies to Meryl Streep's very own increasingly overcharged successor, who recently did a paltry imitation of Kate the Great and got an Oscar for it.)

adam k. said...


X = Y/2, where x is the number of academy award nominations she received over y years over her film career through 2003.

...and Z is for Zawistowski, Sophie.

Glenn Dunks said...

goran? :(