Sunday, June 11, 2006

TONY Mood-Setter

If you're planning on watching the TONY Awards tonight (and you are, right?) make sure to set the mood. Read up on my musical performance rundowns (Actress, Actor, Feat. Actor and Feat. Actress)

And DEFINITELY head over to Modern Fabulousity where Gabriel has offered a downloadable sneak of a showstopper from an upcoming soundtrack from the show that we both hope will go home with the TONY tonight. The click of your mouse and you have a hilarious show tune from one of Broadway's brightest light. Also at ModFab: Stinky Lulu's hilarious TONY memories. Read them and weep from laughing.

1 comment:

Glenn Dunks said...

Even if I was able to watch the Tony's (which I'm not) I don't know if I would because my Hugh isn't hosting (he's got his daughter's christening and he's rehearsing for his The Boy From Oz performances in Australia).

Basically, I just confirmed I'm all about Hugh, 24/7.