Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Tony Leung Chiu Wai is number four in the "Actors of the Aughts Countdown". Read the Rest...

PLEASE NOTE: You can also VOTE on the readers ranking (it's the final poll for Actors of the Aughts). And yes, this means that Gael, Ewan, and Jude are the final three (though maybe not in that order). But you figured that out already. You're smart that way, dear readers.

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Anonymous said...

I love Moulin Rouge more than anybody (one of my top 5 movies all time), but I'm baffled how Ewan is apparently landing in the top 3.

He barely registers in Black Hawk Down, is borderline disastrous in Star Wars, and nothing more than serviceable in Big Fish. I admittedly didn't see Down With Love, but it must have been incredible, given the only other credits to consider here are Robots, Stay, and the Island.

Nathaniel's made an excellent case for each of his top 10 so far, but I think he's got his work cut out for him now.

Really looking forward to the Bernal vs. Law faceoff -- I can see an excellent argument for either at the top.

adam k. said...

There is also Young Adam for Ewan.

And borderline disastrous in Star Wars!? He's the best thing about them. Although yeah, even given that, he could still theoretically be borderline disatrous, but I think he was good in them.

Nathaniel, how many of Tony's films in the 2000s have you actually seen!? That's what baffles me about his being #4. He only acts in asian films... all I've ever seen him in is In The Mood For Love. Which was great, but come on... quantity, man, quantity...


i've seen


That's more than enough for me. only not. because i want more.

Javier Aldabalde said...

I'm so excited about Tony being so high. If Gael is #1 I'll die of orgasms.


well, if ya gotta go...

Yaseen Ali said...

I think Bernal is going to upset Law for #1.

I feel like I'm watching an episode of America's Next Top Model. The suspense is terrible... I hope it lasts.


well it can't really last.

this has been going on FOREVER. i want to go to the beach or something.

adam k. said...

Yeah, it IS kind of like one of those shows.

"Gael... you are still in the running to become Nathaniel's next top actor"

I too am suspecting that Nat might give Gael the upset for #1 mostly for shock value, but that would actually disappoint me a little bit. It's kind of like Berry upsetting Spacek for the oscar... well, OK, not like THAT (ugh), but it's like that in that people didn't really see it coming and it didn't seem logical, but it was hard to root against, even if you wanted to.

If you look at the film bitch awards (precursors?), Jude should have that oscar locked up, just like Spacek shoulda had her oscar. But surprise surprise...

(just to clarify, I LOVE Gael and love that he's at least #3 and probably #2 or even #1, but I think Jude is more deserving of the top spot)

(I do not however love Halle Berry... damn oscar... did she REALLY have an acting coach on set? I know that belongs on the other board but REALLY? it's all the damn NBR's fault... they shoulda given it to Kidman for her double)

adam k. said...

I meant Jude should have that SPOT locked up, not that oscar... whatever, I am going to sleep.

Javier Aldabalde said...

"I too am suspecting that Nat might give Gael the upset for #1 mostly for shock value"

I don't think Nat would go for Gael for shock value. A *very* strong case can be made for Bernal as the most iconic actor of the aughts so far (and he's starred in movies bound to become international classics).

Also, Tony Leung had no Film Bitch nomination in the main categories and he was #4. Gael has one.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking forward to how Ewan is justified as being in the top 3. I guess the main considerations for him are 'Moulin Rouge,' 'Down with Love,' 'Big Fish,' 'Young Adam,' and the Star Wars movies. In truth it doesn't seem like it adds up to much to me, but I absolutely adore Ewan McGregor so I don't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Re: "Nathaniel, how many of Tony's films in the 2000s have you actually seen!? That's what baffles me about his being #4. He only acts in asian films... all I've ever seen him in is In The Mood For Love. Which was great, but come on... quantity, man, quantity..."

Tony Leung has just been cast as the leading man in Ang Lee's upcoming film, "Lust. Caution", based on the short story by the incomparable Eileen Chang.

Tony will play Mr Yi, the charismatic but evil espionage head honcho of the puppet Chinese government set up by the Japanese during World War II. Shooting is slated to start in September.

Anonymous said...

I could look it up myself but I feel lazy: is this an English language movie? (The Ang Lee/Tony Leung movie)

Glenn Dunks said...

I think he'll stick with Jude and let Gael continue to make his rise. Jude was already well-liked before this decade and I'm sure Nat was a fan with Talented Mr Ripley and Cronenberg's eXistenZ. I think that good will will carry over. Plus, it's not like Jude ain't got the looks :P either.

Wasn't Leung nominated for Best Actor for In The Mood?

Anonymous said...

"Wasn't Leung nominated for Best Actor for In The Mood?"

For an Oscar? No - he won the award at Cannes for best actor...

Anonymous said...

"Lust. Caution" will be in Mandarin Chinese; the setting is World War II Japanese-occupied Shanghai and Hongkong. It's rumoured that Ziyi Zhang might be in it too.

Tony has been nominated 3 times for "Best Actor" in Cannes: "Happy Together", "In the Mood for Love" and "2046" (all directed by Wong Kar Wai), but only won the award for "In the Mood for Love".

My personal fave is the whimsical "Chungking Express", where Tony plays the lovelorn cop who talks to his household objects, opposite the enignamtic Faye Wong.

Anonymous said...

do you know that Tony is doing Lee Ang's new picture? Its true!!

natebrian said...

I was so surprised and happy to see Tony so high. But I have to say, I'm still trying to get over Edward Norton, Jack Nicholson, Ed Harris, and Tom Wilkinson all not making the top 20.