Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Vs. Evil: The 666 Edition

Today is, as you all presumably know, 06/06/06. To er--celebrate (?)-- that antichrist connotative numbering moment, somebody rilly smart at the studios decided to release the remake of The Omen on this day. Now, as you also may have guessed if you've spent a moment to think about me on my birthday (and who among you hasn't?) the numbers have plagued me my whole life. Anybody with the june 6th birthday born in the sixties has had to live with the triple six situation. Whenever we fill out forms, our birthday is 06/06/6? which is, I don't mind saying, very annoying. I imagine it's like having a Christmas birthday: administrative types do comment when they see it on the paper. (Damn them!)

Now when I was a wee lad I was absolutely terrified at the idea of seeing horror movies. I'm not sure how I found out about The Omen but I knew of it long before I saw it. And I also knew about Damian's birthday (6/06/66 in the original movie --I guessed they were trying to underline the point with that fourth six). When they finally aired it on television in the late 70s I watched with the blanket pulled over me, covering my face most of the time. Couldn't sleep the whole night. From 1976 to 1981 when the original trilogy was arriving in theaters regularly, kids would love to tease June 6th-ers like myself by sifting through their hair looking for that 666 mark. Mean.

Since I was the nicest most angelic child possible (no seriously see--> too cute to the be the devil) it was totally silly of me to be scared about being the devil but confusing movies with reality? That's my thing. I actually cried watching Damien: Omen II because the fear started up again. If I ever shaved my head, would I find three sixes carved in my scalp? The only thing that I thought would be cool about being "Damien" was this: In the second movie a bunch of kids surround the now teenage devilboy to tease him or beat him up or something (I forget). Damien just looks at the lead bully and the guy has a massive brain hemorhage and dies on the spot. That power woulda come in handy in grade school and junior high, I tell you that.

But anyway I am a nice guy. I'd rather give people flowers and hugs than deadly hemorrhages. Even the mean ones...pathetic but true. Obviously I'm not the Anti-Christ and besides, that job is already taken.

Links that I am pretending are birthday gifts to me:
Kelly Stern on Bush and 1967's Loving v. Virginia case. Bigots tried to stop interracial marriages, too. They also blamed judges back then.
Lone Star Verve on the DVD releases out today Mommie Dearest and Gay Sex in the 70s. Hmmmm. What message is being sent here?
Cinema de Merde on X-Men: The Last Stand. You may have noticed I didn't write a review of this. It just pained me too much. But other people are doing a splendid job of pointing out the abundant careless problems.

Links that are gifts to me: ModFab * six things * Stinky Lulu . Awwww, I wuv you too.

And with that I will now stop pestering you about buying me gifts, donating to the site, and wishing me a happy one. This shtick is getting tired but I can't help that I'm so needy. Don't judge!


Anonymous said...

OK I know this doesn't have anything to do with film but...Happy Birthday! xoxo,s.

par3182 said...

a birthday full of sixes? you are the luckiest boy in the world.
happy b/day, nathaniel.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nat dogg!

adam k. said...

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel! (I just donated to the website as promised)

That antichrist website was aMAZing... I think I'm going to buy the book for my friend for her birthday. And what a cute little boy you were.

My home phone number was always 666-2282, btw.... So I sort of understand. Not only are there three 6es, but there are three 2's, which add up to 6, and 8 minus 2 also equals 6. It's like when you call my family, you're calling the residence of the devil.

Unknown said...

yes consider it a birthday present..and thanks for the mention in your blog...I hope you do have a wonderful day...my birthday in 7-18-70...which means nothing, well, it means I will be 36...ughhh...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!


Jason Adams said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Hope your day's been/continues-being splendid!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

I still stand by what I wrote you long ago! You have been an enormous influence on my film obsession and appreciation. On top of that, you are a genuine person and a beautiful, positive spirit. I feel lucky to even be interacting with you on the online community! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

-David :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

In my hometown, there was a big Christian procession yesterday, which is also quite funny I think.

If you're interested in it: