Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Movie Choices

In Multiplexes (links go to trailers/sites)
A Prairie Home Companion I have two posters to give away but you have to enter the contest. I don't have to tell you to see this... it's only got the most exciting cast of the summer (Streep! Tomlin! Kline! Lohan! Etcetera!) and a world great director guiding them. Plus: Meryl sings onscreen for the first time in ages. I lurve her singing in Ironweed, Postcards from the Edge and Death Becomes Her
Cars The first movie emerging from the civil war of Pixar vs. Disney (the truce has since been drawn) Pixar has had nothing but hits and has never made a bad film. Will Cars continue the winning streak or change the course?

Limited Release
Agnes and His Brothers German hottie Morris Bleibtreu (Run Lola Run) is a sex addict, his brother is a control freak, and his sister is a transsexual.
Uncut is about a man with a fractured pelvis trying to get women into his bed. They're proudly displaying their Guinness World Record claim to fame: the longest filmed shot of a penis. Shameless. They're really banking on that alone pulling you in since they don't have a trailer or stills or anything. Shameless AND cheap.
Heart of the Game One of those "inspirational" documentaries (a subgenre that always make me wary).It looks like an potential crowd pleaser.
Crossing The BridgeA music documentary from Fatih Akin who made a considerable splash with the potent erotic drama Head On

What will you be doing/seeing this weekend?


Javier Aldabalde said...

I cannot stand Moritz Bleibtreu. He's in pretty much every German film I watch and the situation is just getting a little out of control. No charisma, no talent, no nothing. Germany's rising young actor is Daniel Brühl, period.


Brühl is great, yes. At least in the one film I've seen him in.