Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Keep Young and Beautiful"

Here is another video edit from yours truly. (I posted this along time ago but it apparently didn't work because I had the setting wrong). This video, once again, stars a bunch of screen beauties. The song is a cover by Annie Lennox of a hilariously sexist old ditty called "Keep Young and Beautiful". I should note that this is NSFW as there is a moment, near the end, with tassels and G-string.

If you've been living under a rock or without internet access and still haven't seen my "She's a Bitch" music video edit, that one is here.

tags: Annie Lennox, movies, cinema, Natalie Wood, Sandra Bernhard, music, video

1 comment:

Glenn Dunks said...

hah, that was great!

I also finally managed to watch the bitch one (I have broadband now so I can actually view these things!) That one was awesome. So well edited.

God, these must take ages to make, huh?