Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Flag Day

Diana, Kirsten, Dolly, and Madonna are feeling it. Are you?

Further delirious insomnia patriotically festive posting over @ Modern Fabulousity where I'm guest blogging. What is it about themes and holidays that bring out the OCD photoshopper in me? I. must. sleep. now.


Glenn Dunks said...

wtf is Flag Day?

StinkyLulu said...

ha! wtf, indeed!

Basically, it's a wierd day "Honoring the Flag of the US" -- part of the strange 20th Century US obsession with making the "stars & stripes" a (semi) sacred object.

See here

Glenn Dunks said...


How bizarre.

We also just had an apparently pointless public holiday for the Queen's Birthday.

Thing is, Monday wasn't even the Queen's birthday. Each state gets the chance to allocate one day a year for Queens Birthday celebrations. My state chose last Monday! It's great cause I got paid $45/hour to work, which is a-okay with me.

Flag Day reminds me of that episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer goes into space and at the end they all hail the carbon rod as the hero and make him employee of the month.

(I'm talking too much)