Friday, June 02, 2006

Those Plaid Pants Ain't New No More

I was just running out the door (figuratively speaking) and almost forgot: Yikes.

Please go and wish one of my favorite blogs, My New Plaid Pants, a very happy 1st birthday. I don't know much about the aging process but I think this means that soon he won't be just showing us pictures of Jake but he'll actually speak in full sentences about Jake! Wow. They grow up so fast.

JA, I can't wait for the second year...

love, Nathaniel.

P.S. 1 In other "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" news in case you missed it: FourFour, which I also love in embarrassing amounts, turned one a couple of days ago.

P.S. 2 I, not the blog version of me but the actual me, will be celebrating my birthday this coming Tuesday. So you better be here!


adam k. said...

Hey, no offense to My New Plaid Pants, but where are those two new actors or the aughts? You said they'd be here yesterday... the suspense is killing me! Quitting before a group of 5 is done is not good for Adam's state of mind.

Jason Adams said...

No offense taken - I wanna know em too!

Thanks for the kind words, Nate.

"Is New York such a labyrinth? I thought it was all straight up and down like Fifth Avenue. All the cross streets numbered and big honest labels on everything."

"Everything is labeled, but everybody is not."

"Then I must count on you for warnings too."


sorry about the days late thing.

but really no time. in fact i can't even look at me own blog right now i so busy. this is not me.

i was not here.

but i am sorry. much more starting sunday night or monday.

or so nathaniel tells me

Anonymous said...

hey nathaniel!

why dont you make a filmexperience yahoogroup so we can like discuss there some issues blah blah blah and the like, so you can keep track of your filmbitchers!

i hope you make one, and please so announce, i have been following your site for a very very long time now and i hope you do make a way for us filmbitchers, or whatver it is you want to call us, to get to know each other more!

thanks and more power to you and happy happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

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