Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Christian Charles Philip Bale

Christian Bale is... #9 in the Actors of the Aughts Countdown.

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Poli said...

My predictions from earlier on the blog:

9. Christian Bale
8. Clive Owen
7. Daniel Craig
6. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
5. Johnny Depp
4. Gael Garcia Bernal
3. Jude Law
2. Peter Sarsgaard
1. Ewan McGregor

Mwahaha! I got #9 right! Go me! Now if I get 1 more right, I will have topped my Top 10 Actress predictions

Glenn Dunks said...


I. Love. This. Man.

He'd definitely be in my top 3 for me.

You really should see The Machinest (it was in my Top 10 of 2004). It's an awesome performance and film.

I have this weird thing where, if I can see the filmmakers enjoying the process of making a film and I can sense the love of cinema in the film then it rubs off on me, and that's what happened with The Machinest. Everyone involved with that movie loves films and all that they can achieve, and even though the film itself doesn't always work, there's something about that passion that makes it click in my mind. Yes, it's quite proposterous and yes it revolves around twists and shock endings, but these guys know that and they love that and it's enjoyable to watch.

That method of movie-making was on hand that same year with Pedro Almodovar's Bad Education. Just filled with movie-loving, really.

(I talk too much)

Bale is a hottie though, hey? Dreamy...

Glenn Dunks said...

Polivamp. Ewan at #1?

I love that Owen is this high, but I didn't think Nat liked his Croupier turn that much (I did. I gave him Gold for 2000 I believe). And Daniel Craig's high ranking is odd to me, but that's probably because I didn't like him in Munich and haven't seen Sylvia or The Mother.

Javier Aldabalde said...

I don't much care for George Clooney or Christian Bale, but you sure know how to make their high rankings seem appropriate, nay, necessary.

Daniel Craig is in the Top 10, though? Looking forward to THAT explanation :P

Poli said...

I was going a bit crazy (and trying not to go with obvious choice Jude). But Ewan does have quite a 2000-2006 filomography: Moulin Rouge!, Black Hawk Down, Star Wars 2 & 3 (he was one of the few good things about them), Down With Love, Young Adam, Big Fish, and The Island (a much better movie than most critics gave it credit for). I think that's fairly respectable for a number 1 pick. But yeah, it's probably Jude Law.

Glenn Dunks said...

I don't think Nat saw The Island (it was the best Michael Bay movie in quite some time though, i agree)

I was surprised Daniel Craig was even in the Top 100 let alone Top 10. ;)

Poli said...

No love for The Craig? I'll admit I'm surprised he's in the top 10 as opposed to McKellen, Mortensen, Gyllenhaal, or Broadbent, but seeing as Nathaniel sees 40 movies for every 1 I see, I trust there will be some smaller movies that justifies the placement.

Although watch him pull out something crazy and put Paul Walker or Keanu Reeves up there, just to shake things up. I think half of us would die from shock.


paul and keanu. LOL.

i'm crazy.

but not that crazy.

Glenn Dunks said...

How about Vin Diesel? Wait, Jason Biggs! Oh, wait - I got it!


NicksFlickPicks said...

Two words: Tyler Perry. Who else could combine drag and old age makeup and fat suits? And do it all without leaking spinal fluid out of his nose, like some wimp?

Anonymous said...

camel -- croupier was before 2000, so doesn't figure in here. The Owen record from this decade includes Gosford Park, King Arthur, Closer, Sin City, and Inside Man, plus those BMW films. The way he blows Jude Law (my presumptive #1 on this list) off the screen in Closer is reason enough for him to be top 5...

DL said...

Great actor, completely deserving of this high placement.

My new predix:

8. Daniel Craig (I'm really starting to doubt that he'll even place at all. Because number 8 is way high, seeing as how he's not been in all that many movies and he's never even been nominated for an FB Award for Acting.)
7. Clive Owen
6. Ewan McGregor
5. Peter Sarsgaard
4. Tony Leung
3. Johnny Depp
2. Gael Garcia Bernal
1. Jude Law

But maybe that's just wishful thinking because that's something like what my own personal list would look like.

DL said...

You thought The Machinist was great, Glenn?

Sorry, but I think it would have to make a cameo on my Top Ten Worst Films of 2004.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure about Daniel Craig.

If George Clooney can be #10, I'm aware it is hardly imaginable, I definitely can imagine Will Smith being #8. I would have placed him about #75 or so, but his success during these last years was considerable. And he has "Ali". (I also quite liked him in "Bagger Vance" though.)

There are of course seven locks, but for the eighth guy, it could be Craig, Smith, Rush, Hoffman (surprise, surprise). No I'm really wondering, who of this four is the lucky one, having made the list.

Glenn Dunks said...

dl, yeah The Machinest was great. Super-fun.

Oh, and Right, Croupier was released in 2000 in the US. In fact, it was being released around the globe still in 2004. How on earth did that movie get such a screwed up release?

And Inside Man won't count cause it's 2006... even though it did for Denzel. Well, it shouldn't. :P