Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ignore Me. I'm Very OCD

You guys. This is how f***ed up I am. It's my birthday week and I'm actually feel guilty --guilty!?! -- about taking two days off from posting.

What. is. wrong. with. me?

(rhetorical question. no answering necessary, tyvm)

To assauge my guilt, I offer suggestions for other readings:
Cinephilia is on "Team JOLIE". The cool kids all are.
The Scene Stealer on The Piano
Thomas & Co on Favela Rising


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. And indeed, hopefully a welcome back for me after 2 weeks without internet access (pretend you noticed). It's been like having a limb chopped off. I imagine. Though no offence intended to those limbless TFE visitors, obviously.

The good news? You may recall I'm a major Dench fan, and during my 2 week TFE hiatus, I had the good fortune to finally breathe the same air as I sat riveted to her flawless turn in "Hay Fever" in the West End. As good as I thought she'd be, she surpassed my expectations. I'll be unbearable now.



i always notice when people stop commenting --(ocd you know) welcome back.

i can't imagine 2 weeks without internet access. just. can't.

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