Monday, June 26, 2006

Blogosphere Multiplex: six things

Now that I'm a month into my journey through famed / admired / interesting bloggers in this Multiplex series, I thought I'd take a week out of interoggating total strangers and turn to a web friend. We haven't met in real life (He lives in Australia. I fear Kangaroos.) but we've enjoyed a healthy blog friendship for some time now. Meet par3182 who writes six things.

"six things" happens to be --no exaggeration-- my favorite minimalist blog in the world. For list-maniacs like myself it doesn't get any more addictive than starting your day with "reasons I won't be attending nicole kidman's wedding" or (an old favorite) "movie acting techniques you don't see anymore" or (my recent favorite) "things i thought i'd be doing in 2006 when i was a kid in the 70s"

10 questions with par3182
In which par3182 uses capital letters, puncuation, and actual sentences!

Nathaniel: How often do you go the movies?

par3182: Very rarely. I used to go once a week up until a couple of years ago, but the audiences got too noisy for me. I'm a strict no talking/no eating/no drinking moviegoer and can't understand why people can't abide by my rules. It all came to a head when I yelled at a woman who talked all the way through Almost Famous. I decided I was better off watching DVDs at home.

Nathaniel: Another reason for me to hate Almost Famous! Chatterboxes do you stand the wait?

par3182: Once upon a time we'd have to wait ages for films to be released down here, (not so much anymore, although we're still waiting on Junebug) so maybe I got used to it by default.

Sometimes I can't wait. I had to see Brokeback Mountain the week it came out (with a totally silent audience - I was so relieved) and I'll make a special trip if Laura Linney turns up in something. This week I might even go see Wah Wah as I do love Julie Walters, Emily Watson and Celia Imrie.

Nathaniel: What's your favorite cinematic Linney moment?

par3182: Oh, that's hard, I love the lovely Laura Linney in everything she does. I guess if I had to pick a moment I'm going to have to cheat a little and go for the one-two punch she delivers in You Can Count On Me, when she spots Mark Ruffalo through the window and she's does this two handed wave because so excited to see him, which is followed by the scene in the restaurant when she discovers he's not staying and is only here to ask her for money and you see the excitement drain away and the disappointment flood in. And the way she goes all businesslike and it's clear that this has happened many times before. Such a great scene for Ruffy too.

Nathaniel: Yes. GREAT scene. OK. A list I've always wanted to see from you: Favorite costumes in the movies.

par3182: You're asking a guy currently slobbing around the house in a moth-
eaten jumper and trackpants about costumes? I'm all over dialogue and performances in films but costumes...? Off the top of my head I'm going to go with (in no particular order) -

1. Jesus Christ Superstar - for the whole anachronistic hippies in biblical times thing (and the white jumpsuit at the end)
2. Annie Hall - for defining Annie so perfectly
3. Excalibur - because the costumes are all I remember about the movie
4. The Royal Tenenbaums - tracksuits / fur coats / headbands never seem to go out of style
5. A Streetcar Named Desire - Brando in a tight sweaty tee. Genius..
6. Cabaret - because I love every single thing about that movie

Nathaniel: Well, how was i to know about the slobbering? and the trackpants? You live in Australia... speaking of which. The secret movie star birthing factory. I know it's there --don't feign ignorance! Where exactly is it located? You Aussies just don't quit with the mega-watt exports.

par3182: They don't call it the secret movie star birthing factory for nothing, otherwise I'd be hanging around there a lot more often. I think they do something to the future stars that make them burst into greatness sometime after I've had a a tiny little something to do with them. I would have paid a lot more attention that time I went nightclubbing with Naomi Watts, sold a ticket to Nicole Kidman, shared an elevator ride with Rachel Griffiths, or got gushy with Toni Collette had I known they were all going to go onto the sort of fame I would have been perfectly happy bathing in the reflection of. Unfortunately I never brushed up against Hugh Jackman or Eric Bana, so I have no idea how they got to be so successful.

Nathaniel: We both share a childhood-begun / enduring adult affinity for Olivia Newton-John so it will probably horrify you to know that I have actually met people who don't know who she is! What should we do about this social ill? What kind of punishment is called for?

par3182: Well, the first thing you should do is get away from those people. The second is help me up off the floor as I briefly passed out at the thought of such unfortunates. Their ignorance, I'm afraid, shall be punishment enough. It's impossible not to know who Olivia is down here: she's an Aussie icon. Plus she and I share a birthday, so I can't help but love her.

Nathaniel: Well, Happy B-Day on September 26th! (And no, dear readers, I did not have to look up the date. That's how much I love ONJ.) Which movie things would you like as birthday gifts?

par3182: Not memorabilia, that's for sure. That's always stuck me as a little odd (although i did see an excellent Brokeback Mountain diorama made from Lego on eBay not so long ago.) I'm not really the gift type. Unless you meant gifts for Livvy, in which case I'm all for it.

Nathaniel: Which movie stars would you switch teams for?

par3182: Oh my.....there's something I haven't spent much time pondering. Let's say.....
My beloved Laura, of course
Kate Winslet
Zooey Deschanel
Isabella Rossellini
and a special mention of Elisa Dushku - who's not a real movie star but damn that girl is hot.

Nathaniel: That is only five (5!!!) things --I mean people. Five!?! Is this a sign
of the impending apocalypse?

par3182: I was watching the footy and was distracted by the sight of my pretend boyfriend Paul Licuria, so thinking about changing teams was nearly impossible.

Nathaniel: We've reached the end *sniffle*. Last question. They make a movie of your life. Who would play you? What's the title? What's the rating?

par3182: Already? I suspect the title might be six things: the motion picture. tagline: "you'll believe a man can type."

In the grand tradition of a whole lot of crappy Australian movies that were made in the 1980s that imported American stars of the calibre of Gregory Harrison, Christopher Atkins and Laura Brannigan, I'd like to be played by someone of middling talent that's hot right now but will be forgotten in ten years time. Brandon Routh, perhaps? Rating: straight to video

Nathaniel: Thank you to me Aussie pal par3182 for this delightful jaunt down under for this week's interview. Tune in next week when I interview... who?

Once again readers, check out par's beautifully brief "six things" each morning. It's as good as that energizing first cup of coffee and it doesn't stain your teeth or leave you jittery.

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adam k. said...

Once, a kangaroo jumped on my friend. It was scary.

Glenn Dunks said...

Kangaroos are awesome! They jump down city streets and people pat them. They're sorta sweet.


I love six things. My favourite list was six reasons why Elaine is the best Seinfeld character. Mainly cause it was SO true.

How strange that he should be in love with Paul Licuria, when Paul's... cousin? brother? is the man who rans Awards Heaven and occasionally posts here.

Plus, I live, like, an hour away from par3182. I think. We definitely live in the same state!

DL said...

Is Eliza Dushku really that attractive? I don't think so. I can name 5 hotter girls that were on "Buffy" alone.


dl -the answer to your question is yes.
i couldn't even name 1 hotter girl on Buffy and they're all hot.

DL said...

Maybe I just don't like her that much because Faith was one of my least fav BtVS characters. I know that everyone else adores her but her "Yo, B!" thing got pretty lame pretty quick and the way she just kinda popped up in the 7th season was a really sad excuse for a storyline.

But I did think she was awesome in Bring It On. So that ups her score a bit.

Glenn Dunks said...

I transfered from Los Angeles, Your school has no gymnastics teams, this is a last resort.

(Me and my friends quote Bring It On all the time. We'll randomly start singing the opening cheer and have debates on the merits of the final cheer routines.)

Emma said...

Hey, this guy sounds cool. I like this interviews with other people.